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April 26, 2021

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Rudder Workshop Start building your STOL CH 701 or CH 750 for just $375 at a workshop or with the Rudder Starter Kit. Next hands-on workshops: 
Open House!

Check out Photos 2020 Zenith Homecoming | Timelapse Video | Slideshow Video

STOL CH 701 Extruded Aluminum Wing Struts
STOL CH 701 Flaperon Lever
Zenith Aircraft magazine We've published a new Zenith Aircraft magazine, chock-full of information on building and flying your own Zenith. This free 48-page full color magazine provides an excellent introduction to the world of recreational flying and kit aviation, and covers all Zenith aircraft kit models, including the STOL CH 701. Contact Zenith Aircraft Company to have one mailed to you. 
Give Flight How do we top last year's highly successful One Week Wonder project (where a complete Zenith CH 750 Cruzer was built in less than seven days at EAA Oshkosh AirVenture)? 
EAA has announced their "Give Flight" project where five (5) complete sets of wings will be started during the week at Oshkosh by various EAA Chapters (to be taken home after the show to become part of a group-built airplane). We're thrilled that EAA has asked Zenith Aircraft to provide three sets of wings for the Give Flight project. Three new Zenith aircraft (two Zenith CH 750 Cruzers and one Zenith CH 650) will be started at Oshkosh this summer with the help of volunteers! If you're a Zenith builder (or want to learn) please join us in building and teaching others about the joys of aircraft kit building!
STOL Flying! STOL Flying Fun. Ultimate flying video with the Zenith STOL
Flying on snow! Snow Day at the Zenith Aircraft Factory

Let's go flying on six inches of fresh snow in the STOL CH 750! Video clip

STOL Champions! STOL Flying Champions!
Congratulations to Chris Anderson, Jock Struthers, and to Deane Philip for taking first, second and third place in the third annual "Healthy Bastards STOL competition" in New Zealand on Saturday, January 31, 2015.
Watch the video!  | More info and details
EAA Experimenter magazine - 10-14 One Week Wonder! 2,500 EAA's help build a Zenith CH 750 Cruzer.
The story behind the legacy, by Jonathan Porter.

EAA EXPERIMENTER magazine, October 2014 issue

Read the full story

OWW Time Lapse Video One Week Wonder Summary Video

One Week Wonder Time Lapse Video
Watch as the entire One Week Wonder Zenith CH 750 Cruzer comes together in just 45 seconds!

STOL Competition The EAA staff-built Zenith STOL CH 750 performs a short take-off (piloted here by Tracy Buttles) at the Zenith Open Hangar Day "STOL Competition" (September 19, 2014)
STOL Competition Roger Dubbert performs a short take-off in his STOL CH 701 at the Zenith Open Hangar Day "STOL Competition" (September 19, 2014)
STOL Competition This STOL CH 750 won the competition at the 2014 Zenith Open Hangar Day "STOL Competition" (September 19, 2014)

"Jan was flying a Zenith STOL CH750 powered with the Viking 110 engine. His take off measured 109-feet, and his landing measured 110-feet for a combined winning score of 219-feet."

One Week Wonder 9/20/14: The EAA One Week Wonder Zenith CH 750 Cruzer back to its origins at the Zenith kit factory where its parts were built (and shipped to Oshkosh), pictured here with just a few of the many volunteers who helped build this aircraft in seven days at AirVenture 2014! 
EAA's Charlie Becker and Tracy Buttles flew the airplane to Mexico, Missouri from Oshkosh, 400 miles to attend the event. Their return flight to Oshkosh was non-stop KMYJ to KOSH, demonstrating the Cruzer's excellent cross-country flying capability. 
First flight of the EAA staff built CH 750 First flight of the EAA staff built Zenith STOL CH 750 in Oshkosh
A week after the One Week Wonder's first flight, the first flight of the EAA staff built Zenith STOL CH 750 took place on 8/13/14! 
Congratulations EAA!  More info on the EAA staff's Zenith kit project
First flight of the One Week Wonder First flight video of the One Week Wonder aircraft at Oshkosh 2014
On August 5, 2014, the airplane that was built in seven days at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 flew for the first time—carrying more than 2,500 signatures of those who helped build the plane into the air. More Info
Return of the One Week Wonder One Week Wonder - Oshkosh 2014

What an awesome week it was!  Thank you to all who helped with this project, especially the volunteers and sponsors!
Photo album of the One Week Wonder project | Video: Volunteers at Work - Day 3 of 7 | First Flight Video

Zenith Aircraft magazine Summer 2014: We've published a new Zenith Aircraft magazine, chock-full of information on building and flying your own Zenith. This free 48-page full color magazine provides an excellent introduction to the world of recreational flying and kit aviation, and covers all Zenith aircraft kit models, including the STOL CH 701. Contact Zenith Aircraft Company to have one mailed to you.
Zenair Open House Chris Heintz joined Zenair Ltd. to celebrate its 40th anniversary on Saturday, July 19, 2014 at the Zenair factory at Huronia Airport in Midland, Ontario, Canada.

Photos from the event: Facebook photos | More Photos

On top of the world! Two Zenith STOL aircraft on top of the world in New Zealand, looking down on the mountains...
Camping with the Zenith STOL From Zenith.Aero:

Zenith's Roger Dubbert goes STOL camping at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Check out the photos and videos!

One Week Wonder EAA Sport Aviation article previewing the One Week Wonder project
Pages 66 - 69, EAA Sport Aviation Magazine, May 2014
Rotax 912iS installation The Zenith STOL CH 750 with the Rotax 912iS engine installation.  

Developed by Skytek Aircraft Services (of Vernon, British Columbia) the new fuel-injected Rotax 912iS is now available as a complete Rotax Engine Installation Kit for your Zenith. (Skytek also offers professional builder assistance service to Zenith builders)

Video Clips: Short Take-Off and Landing | Flying with the Rotax 912iS | Engine Installation Explained | Zenith Builder Videos

Aero News Network: Aero-TV Flies the Zenith CH 750 Cruzer "Still quite STOL-worthy, the Cruzer also lives up to its name"
Video Report: Aero News Network CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell took the new Zenith 750 Cruzer on a test flight while at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2014. Campbell reports on the handling qualities of the airplane.  Watch the video.

More reviews: Light Sport Aircraft Flyer Review  |  Dan Johnson Reviews the Zenith CH 750 Cruzer

Zenair 40th anniversary Zenair Ltd. (Canada) Marks 40th Year in 2014:
One of North America's leading manufacturers of recreational aircraft kits is turning 40 this year. Zenair Limited was founded by Chris Heintz in his 2-car garage in 1974... More
Crossing the river YouTube Video Clip:

River crossing with the "Sky Jeep"

Hovering in the Zenith STOL CH 701 YouTube Video Clip:

Flight Demo: Flying the Zenith STOL backwards

Take Off From Zenith.Aero: Australian STOL CH 750 "climbing skywards like a homesick angel."
STOL Competition Winner February 2014
STOL Competition Winners: Two Zenith STOL aircraft take first and second place in New Zealand STOL Flying Competition!
Winter flying... Winter 2013
Video Clip:  Very short take-off and landing (on snow).
Winter flying... Video Clip:  Take-offs and landings on snow-covered runway.  More Zenith STOL CH 750 Videos.
Winter flying on skis... Video Clip: Flying the awesome Zenith STOL CH 701 light sport utility kit plane from skis on fresh snow. 
Piloted by Frank Savignac in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.
More Zenith STOL CH 701 Videos
First flight with the Rotax 912iS engine First Flight Video (Nov. 6, 2013): Flying the Zenith CH 750 behind the new Rotax 912iS engine installation.
Roger Dubbert from the Zenith factory flies the CH 750 with the Rotax 912iS engine installation. Based on the proven concept of the Rotax 912 engine, the new 912iS engine offers a new engine management system (including fuel injection). The new Rotax installation was a collaboration project between Rotax distributor Rotech Research Canada, Ltd., Skytek Aircraft Services Ltd. and Zenith.  Complete engine and installation kits (firewall forward packages) will be available soon.
Powered SPORT FLYING magazine 11/13 Zenith CH 750 Cruzer on the cover of the November 2013 issue of Powered Sport Flying magazine, cover story.

...more Press Reviews

CH 750 Cruzer Rudder Workshop Video Clip: Inside the Zenith factory for the hands-on CH 750 Cruzer rudder assembly workshop
Kitplanes magazine, November 2013 Zenith CH 750 CRUZER on the cover of the November 2013 issue of KITPLANES magazine, cover story: "A Zenith for the Asphalt Jungle"  Pages 6 - 15, story by editor Paul Dye:

"It is dependable and honest, flies at 120 mph, operates easily and smoothly off of paved and prepared runways, and will teach pilots good flying habits. There is plenty of cockpit space and the baggage area is cavernous." 

...more Press Reviews

Open Hangar Day at Zenith Aircraft Company Follow-Up: Photos from the 2013 Open Hangar Day (held on September 20 & 21)
Flying the CH 750 CRUZER Flying the Zenith CH 750 CRUZER to EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh)
Roger with his STOL CH 701 Roger Dubbert from the Zenith factory takes us up for a demo flight in the Zenith STOL CH 701 that he built more than 15 years ago.  
STOL CH 750 with drooped slats Flying the Zenith STOL CH 750 with re-positioned (drooped) wing leading edge slats for increase STOL capability.
Video One | Video Two
2013 "Fly In to Summer" Open Hangar Day Video Clip and photos from the 2013 "Fly In to Summer" Open Hangar Day and Builder Fly-In Gathering at the Zenith Factory (June 22, 2013).
Rudder kit June 18, 2013:

Trial fit and assembly for the final-hole-sized match-drilled rudder kit parts for the new Zenith CH 750 Cruzer:
"Wow! The parts are ready for [blind] riveting right out of the box, and with minimal deburring!"

EAA Experimenter magazine, June 2013 The new Zenith CH 750 Cruzer on the cover of EAA Experimenter magazine, June 2013 issue (Vol. 2 No. 6): "The Zenith 750 Cruzer"  Pages 14 - 19, cover story by Budd Davisson:

Compared to the STOL CH 750:
"It's a much more efficient airplane for those who really don't care about having the absolute ultimate in off-airport performance."  Read the entire article   ...more Press Reviews

CH 750 CRUZER Check out the new Zenith CH 750 CRUZER aircraft.  Zenith's latest design is based on the STOL CH 750 but optimized for more speed, and features a new wing design (with single strut and without slats) and an all-new tail.
Flying from Skis in Alaska New Video Clip from Zenith.Aero

Bob Jones of Alaska demonstrates his STOL CH 701 "Sky Jeep" on snow skis.

STOL Flying Photos

Beach landing...

Great new photos (and videos) of builder completions!

See the newest additions to the photo galleries:

X-Plane Flight Simulator: STOL CH 750 Updated (2/14/13)
10.20 Flight Simulator files for the STOL CH 750 (now supports 64-bit computing!)

Fly the Zenith STOL without leaving your armchair!  View screenshots | Download the free files for X-Plane

Short take off competition winner! New video clip from Zenith.Aero:
STOL CH 701 at the STOL (short take off and landing) competition held at the Omaka Airport by the Marlborough Aero Club (New Zealand) on Saturday Feb 2, 2013. 
55 pilots from around the country competed in 4 weight class categories. Zenith CH701 ZMX won the light sport category averaging 18 metres to get it airborne. Scores were counted as the total of shortest distance for takeoff and for a full stop landing over two circuits. CH 701 winning score was 50.4 metres.
Avion & Piloto magazine, February 2013 "El Jeep del aire"
Zenith STOL CH 750 on the cover of AVION & PILOTO magazine, February 2013 (Spain)
Cross country flight to and from Sebring Flying the STOL CH 750 cross-country:
Video clips of the 1,000 mile trip to and from the Sebring Sport Aviation Expo.

Flight to Sebring  |  Flight home

Float flying fun! NEW Video Clip:
French documentary excerpt of a STOL CH 701 on Zenair floats (with folding wings) in the southwest Pacific islands. Guy Kane and his Zenith STOL floatplane participated in the "Lapérouse Expedition" to research the 18th century explorer Lapérouse's mysterious shipwreck in the south Pacific. The aircraft provides awesome versatility and utility and is the perfect tool for air reconnaissance!
Tenn-Air STOL CH 750

Tenn-Air specializes in custom professional builder assistance with the STOL CH 750 to get the kit owner "in the air quickly."  Tenn-Air (Tennessee Aircraft Development, LLC) is headed by the same principals behind Jabiru USA and Arion Aircraft, with extensive experience building light aircraft and with Jabiru engines.  Tel. (931) 680-2800

EAA staffers building the STOL CH 750: EAA Video Update #2: EAA staffers building the STOL CH 750
Float flying fun! NEW Video Clip:
Float flying fun
in the Zenith STOL CH 701 (on Zenair amphibious floats) with Troy Townsend and friends from I-Tec
Pilot magazine: November 2012

PILOT magazine, November 2012 issue, cover story: "Zenair CH 750 - A kitplane with remarkable performance."  Pages 50 - 56, cover story and flight test review by Dave Unwin:

"The takeoff was impressively brief, indeed we were flying also as soon as we started to roll.  ..visibility is every phase of flight really is excellent.
"I decided to hold the aircraft in a stall, and with the stick on the back stop it simply sank straight ahead in a very stable condition with a vertical speed of less than 500 fpm.  You could ride it down to the ground like this, and although you might burst the tires you would definitely walk away.  This is a very safe airplane."
"In conclusion, I was hugely impressed by the STOL CH 750. In many ways an excellent example of "function over form," its STOL performance is remarkable. I flew it on a flat-calm day and was amazed at how little runway I used, and this was the first time I'd ever flown one. I would imagine that with a few hours on type, and say 20 kts on the nose, you could land (and equally importantly - take off again) practically anywhere."

EAA Employees "Launch Party"
EAA employees start building their own Zenith STOL CH 750 kit plane: Saturday, September 29, 2012, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
STOL CH 750 with ULPower! Video Clip:

Flying the STOL CH 750 with the 130-hp UL Power 350iS engine and DUC Flash propeller.

2012 Open Hangar Day Follow-Up from Zenith Aircraft Company's 20th anniversary / Open Hangar Day & Fly-In held this past September 21 & 22, 2012
Thanks to great weather and great company we had a wonderful Open Hangar Day and Fly-In to celebrate Zenith Aircraft Company's 20th anniversary.
STOL CH 750 from EAA Employees To Build a Zenith CH750
September 5, 2012 - What better way to educate our staff about the ins and outs of a homebuilt airplane than to build one ourselves? The project has been launched by EAA's communities manager, Chad Jensen, with full support from EAA senior staff and sponsorship from Zenith.
"This is a fantastic opportunity for EAA to show our love and appreciation for homebuilt airplanes," Jensen said. "The response I've received from interested staffers has been phenomenal, and we can't wait to get started on the build!"
"Support of the E-AB community is something I am committed to doing, and seeing an opportunity like this to work with EAA on project that will not only provide an education to their employees, but to also see a group project come together and end up in the EAA Employee Flying Club is something I am very proud to be a part of," Sebastien Heintz of Zenitha Aircraft Company said.  EAA will be looking for more sponsorship opportunities as we work our way through this project. Ultimately, the goal here is education and professional development of our staff, and ending up with an airplane to fly at the end is icing on the cake!  Read more |
Follow the new EAA blog
Zenith STOL on the beaches of India! "STOL CH 701 on the beaches of India" as featured in latest email update
Article Reprint Article Reprint:  "Bob Barte builds a Sky Jeep in his garage" in Alaska
"inflight adjustable" seat for the STOL CH 750 New STOL CH 750 features: Adjustable Seats for the STOL CH 750

Watch the video clip

The new Rotax 912iS engine in the Zenith STOL EAA AirVenture 2012:  The new Rotax 912iS with fuel injection

Watch the video clip

"Teens Build Plane..." EAA AirVenture 2012:  Time lapse video of the "Aviators by Design" project where teens build a STOL CH 750 kit

Watch the video clip

Zenith at AirVenture 2012

EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh) 2012 follow-up report.  Five video clips and photos of the many Zenith activities at AirVenture 2012... Read more...

 -- STOL CH 750 Quick Build Kit (supplied with assembled fuselage!) and new adjustable seats! --

Turbine 701 Scott Ehni's amazing custom "Turbine 701" was a featured "Homebuilts in Review" aircraft at AirVenture 2012.  Video Clip
STOL Flying Demo New Video Clip:
View Video Clip New Video Clip:
  • The sights and sounds from this year's Quality Sport Planes Open House and West Coast Zenith Fly-In. Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the Cloverdale Municipal Airport in northern California.
View Video Clip New Video Clip:
Rudder Workshop April 16, 2012:
Zenith Aircraft Company introduces updated 3rd edition of the STOL CH 750 design with a taller cabin, now supplied as the standard configuration.
Flying from Skis New Video ClipZenith STOL on Skis in Alaska with Bob Jones

(See the same airplane flying on floats in Alaska)

Ice Fishing New Video Clip:  "Gone (Ice) Fishing"
First flight! From Zenith.Aero:

First Flight (2/22/12): Jerry Bryan's Zenith STOL CH 750 (flight by CH 750 builder / pilot Mike Schlichtman)
Cross Country Flying with the Zenith STOL CH750 New Video Clips:
Cricket STOL CH 701
Mark Swalley's Zenith STOL CH 701, as featured in the December 16, 2011, issue of General Aviation News magazine:
"Swalley got interested in the Zenith design after seeing it during a visit to AirVenture in 2003. “My wife calls it my $25,000 airplane ride because it led to the purchase of the kit,” he says. Swalley notes that he started building the Zenith in 2003 “before I had my pilot’s li-cense — like the Wright brothers. I had no flying experience while I was building.”
"The [plans-built] airplane took three and a half years to build (from scratch). As of this July, Swalley had approximately 230 hours on the airframe. He adds he especially enjoys the STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) aspects of the design. “The shortest landing I ever made was when I put it on the numbers and never left them,” he grinned. “ I cruise at about 90 to 95 miles an hour.”

 - Jiminy Cricket!, By Meg Godlewski, General Aviation News magazine, page 23, December 16, 2011.
Patricia with the STOL CH 701 on the cover of "99 News," the official magazine of the International Organization of Women Pilots (Oct. Nov. Dec. 2011 issue)

"This amazing woman is setting a new level for firsts, including the first woman to obtain Ghana’s National Pilots License and the first woman and first black African to obtain the coveted Rotax Aircraft Engines certification after training and assessment in Austria with Rotax Aircraft Engines at the Regional Innovation Centre. The first female engineer to undertake the course, she was among 33 participants from 20 nations and five continents. She is now teaching, engineering, flying, doing photo-video missions, training, conversion flights and check rides. What she loves about flying? “Everything. Especially the fresh air that takes away all of your worries and the ability to view the world in a different way.”

  • "Patricia Mawuli Nyekodzi: She Walked out of the African Bush and Discovered the Sky" by Karlene Petitt, 99 News (Oct. Nov. Dec. 2011 issue, pages 8 and 9). Read the article
Field Test: bigger tires Video Clip:
"Field Testing" new and bigger tires on the "Sky Jeep" STOL CH 701. These are quality 21-inch tundra tires (21 x 8.00 x 6) that fit on the standard STOL CH 701 6-inch Match wheels.
STOL Flying Video Clip:
STOL Flying in northern California
: STOL CH 750 and CH 701 light sport utility kit planes
Video Clip: STOL Fly-In  Video Clip:
Some of the STOL planes at the Quality Sport Planes Open House/ Zenith West Coast Fly-In held on October 8, 2011, at the Cloverdale Airport in scenic northern California.
New instrument panel kits  NEW  Instrument panel kits now with the latest 10-inch Dynon SkyView avionics and new power panel.
Video Clip: Wing assembly  NEW  Video Clip Wing Kit Assembly: Joining and riveting the internal kit parts together of the Zenith STOL CH 750

Here, we show putting together the match-drilled parts of the wing kit. We line the parts up, cleco (clamp), and rivet - it's that simple! You'll notice that in this video clip we're using final hole size match-drilled parts (straight off the CNC table).

2011 Open Hangar Day: September 17, 2011  Follow up report from the 20th annual Zenith Aircraft Open Hangar Day and Builder Fly-In Gathering (September 17, 2011)
Zeniths to Oshkosh 2011 New videos from Zenith.Aero: Zeniths to Oshkosh summary
"Zeniths to Oshkosh" - "Chris Heintz Day" at EAA AirVenture 2011 - presentation on the ConocoPhillips Plaza, July 25, 2011
"Zeniths to Oshkosh 2011" - On the flightline at EAA AirVenture 2011
STOL CH 701 short take offs and landings 

New video from Zenith.Aero:

Video Clip showing a Zenith STOL CH 701 "sky jeep" being flown in and out of a r/c model flying club's grass field, putting into perspective the great short take-off and landing capabilities of Zenith's STOL (short take off and landing) light sport utility aircraft designs.

Zeniths to Oshkosh 2011  Updates from EAA AirVenture 2011:
HD Video Clip  July 19, 2011:
HD Video Clip: Flying the STOL CH 750 on a hot 100-deg. F. day

"Since it made it up to 100-degrees today (!) we decided to fly our STOL CH 750 demo plane, equipped with the six-cylinder Jabiru J3300, to see how it would cool and perform on such a hot day. Verdict: It performed flawlessly and cooled us down nicely."

STOL CH 701 with dual control sticks 

From Zenith.Aero:

Video clip of Mark Bybee's STOL CH 701 kit-built airplane, with custom-built dual control sticks (replacing the standard center "Y" stick control). This plane is equipped with the Jabiru 2200 (85-hp) engine.

Video Clip Great video clip demonstrating a STOL CH 701 with the 85-hp Jabiru 2200 engine.
Video Clip: Off-road with the STOL CH 701  New Video Clip:
Flying Off-Road in the STOL CH 701 "Sky Jeep"
Life is a beach... From Zenith.Aero:
Great STOL photos from around the world submitted by builders, owners and pilots.
 NEW Nosewheel Fork May 2011:

New rounded nosewheel fork assembly for the STOL CH 750 and CH 701 is now available.

New lightweight tow bar is also available for the new nosewheel fork system.
Zenith's new STOL CH 750 factory demo plane  Zenith's new factory demo STOL CH 750 aircraft, replacing the original that was overturned in the tornado at Sun'n Fun 2011
This is a beautiful new STOL CH 750 built from a kit by Neil Corella.
Factory Workshop

At left, ten (10) STOL rudder vertical tail sections were built at a recent Zenith Aircraft factory workshop in Mexico, Missouri. In addition to gaining hands-on building experience, workshop participants toured the factory, and went up for a demo flight in a Zenith STOL plane!

Press Review KITPLANES magazine, April 2011 issue: "Building on a Budget"  Feature story by Scott Spangler, pages 17 - 23, about Wayne Clagg's scratch-built STOL CH 701: "Wayne Clagg took on a VW-powered plansbuilt Zenith with an eye toward getting in the air quickly while not breaking the bank."
Read the article on the plane that Wayne built in "23 months for less than $23,000."
Turbine power... 1/14/11: EAA e-Hotline newsletter featured Scott Ehni's STOL CH 701 project with this video clip.

This plans-built Zenith CH701 is powered by the lightweight Garrett turboshaft engine, which will produce at least 90 bhp and work on almost any liquid that will burn. The best off-airport fuel choice is a mix of diesel and mogas as it burns a bit cleaner, making it a viable alternative engine in areas where avgas is scarce, like remote parts of Africa.

Video Clip: Brazil!

Report from Brazil (12/10)

France - STOL Review Flight Review Video Clip:

STOL CH 701 aircraft review (from France)

Marc Cook, Kitplanes magazine editor

Marc Cook, editor of Kitplanes magazine, built the complete rudder tail section of the Zenith STOL CH 701/750 at a recent Zenith Aircraft factory workshop (in November 2010) in Mexico, Missouri. 

New HD Video Clips
HD Video Clip:  Very Short Take-Off and Landing (on a windy day)
HD Video Clip:  Slow Flight in the STOL CH 750 (on a windy day)
HD Video Clip:  Another very Short Take-Off and Landing (on a windy day)

Flight Around Ghana  Starting on November 1, 2010, a STOL CH 701 embarked on an "All Over Ghana Flight" to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Zenith light sport utility airplane for Humanitarian Aviation Logistics (HAL) in Africa.  Twenty-one year old Patricia Nyekodzi Mawuli, Medicine on the Move (MoM) pilot and aircraft technician, flew the STOL CH 701 aircraft, followed by a second CH 701 piloted by Jonathan Porter of WAASPS. Patricia helped build the CH 701 from a Zenith kit in Ghana, Africa, while also becoming the first woman to obtain Ghana's National Pilots License, and also earning Rotax Aircraft Engine certification.
Open Hangar Day 

From Zenith.Aero:

Photo gallery from the 19th annual Zenith Aircraft Co. Open Hangar Day and Fly-In Gathering (Sept. 198, 2010 in Mexico, Missouri)

COPA Flight magazine Bob McDonald's STOL CH 750 is featured in the September 2010 issue of Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) Flight magazine: "Culmination of an Amazing Journey" (cover story, section B, pages 1 - 2): 

"The folks at Zenith Aircraft make a CH750 kit that is an absolute joy to build... With the building part now behind me I have to settle for the thrill of flying my CH750."

View more Press Reviews

NEW Video Clips:

Flying the STOL CH 701 in Brazil | More STOL CH 701 flying videos

STOL CH 750 New STOL CH 750 at Quality Sport Planes (northern California).
Custom Instrument Panels NEW:
Complete custom instruments and avionics packages are now available directly from Zenith Aircraft Company, using the Approach Systems Fast Stack Hub and Harnesses for ease of installation with Dynon and Garmin avionics.
Recreational Flyer magazine 2010 Recreational Flyer magazine, the official publication of the Recreational Aircraft Association of Canada (RAAC), January - February 2010 issue: "Elevated" (cover story, pages 22 - 29): "Chris Heintz saw the need for an updated version [of the STOL CH 701], something with a larger cabin, greater payload, and the ability to us an array of four stroke engines. The CH 750 is the perfect plane for exploring and camping off the beaten path..."  

Read the article

FAA onsite kit evaluation May 2010:
FAA's National Kit Evaluation Team (NKET) visits Zenith Aircraft Company to complete an on-site kit evaluation of the STOL CH 750 kit.
EAA Oshkosh AirVenture 2010

From Zenith.Aero:
EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh) follow-up report

LED Landing Light NEW LED Landing Light for the STOL Series:  
This compact super-bright landing light mounts inside the wing leading edge slat for a clean installation.  The light can be mounted on just one side (one wing) of the aircraft, or a landing light kit can be installed into each wing (and synchronized for high visibility wig-wag). The kit includes the pre-formed plexiglass cover & mounting brackets.  The light direction is adjustable.  
AeroLED MicroSun
:  1,800 lumens, 20 watts

STOL CH 750 x 2

Mike Schlichtman's STOL CH 750 (left) with the Zenith factory demo plane.
STOL CH 701 (Orizon, Guadeloupe, Caribbean) June 2010:
From Zenith.Aero: Heintz brothers visit two Caribbean flight schools that use Zenith for flight instruction: STOL CH 701 on Zenair amphib floats, and Zodiac low-wing tricycle gear.
  • Click here to read the report with photos and video clips
Aero-TV Video Clip:  Aero-TV: The STOL CH 750
Aero-TV reports on the STOL CH 750 from the Sebring LSA Show in Florida

STOL flying demo

From the online community for builders and flyers: 
Video Clip: Detailed demonstration (with narration) of the STOL CH 701 short take-off and steep approach (short landing).
Al Stuber and the STOL CH 750 Al Stuber with his STOL CH 750 after the first flight (3/5/10): 
"I have logged 3 hrs. now and she is AWESOME and beautiful and weighs a lean 735 lbs. empty."
  • Click here to view a video clip of the first flight
Short take off From the online community for builders and flyers: 

Wayne Clagg demonstrates a takeoff from his grass strip in the West Virginia hills. His plans-built STOL CH 701 is powered by a custom geared VW engine:
"23 months and 23 thousand dollars from start to first flight."

PilotMag's "Best Overall Kit Aircraft Manufacturer Pick for 2010" PilotMag, the magazine and online guide for adventure flying, chooses Zenith Aircraft Company as the "Best Overall Kit Aircraft Manufacturer Pick for 2010" (PilotMag's Best Picks for 2010, Page 37, November / December 2009 issue)
Video: Folding Wing Demo Video Clip: Demonstration of the folding wing option on the STOL CH 750 prototype airframe


Great new photos (and videos) of builder completions!
Flying the Caribbean Video Clip from Zenith.Aero
Flying the STOL CH 701 on Zenair Amphibious Floats
Landing at Cedar Key, Florida From Zenith.Aero: Cross-Country Flying in the STOL CH 750 (April 2010):
Flying 1,000 miles to Sun'n Fun (Lakeland, Florida) in the STOL CH 750

Click here for the photos from Zenith.Aero  |  New video clips

STOL CH 750 x 2

Two STOL CH 750 aircraft completed at the Can-Zac Aviation facilities.
Open Hangar Day - Group Photo

Photos from Zenith Aircraft Company's 18th annual OPEN HANGAR DAY and Fly-In Gathering held on Saturday, September 19, 2009 at the factory.
View a video clip | View photos

EAA's Tom Poberezny (left) with Sebastien Heintz of Zenith Aircraft Co. September 3, 2009: 
Tom Poberezny, EAA's president and chairman, visits the Zenith Aircraft factory in Mexico, Missouri.

STOL Flying - short take-off

From the online community for builders and flyers: 

NEW Video ClipMissionary pilot Stephan Saint demonstrates the STOL CH 701 (this video clip was part of a presentation on S.T.O.L. flying at Oshkosh AirVenture 2009).

2009 Zenith DVD includes the STOL CH 750 Summer 2009:
New DEMO VIDEO DVD now features the STOL CH 750 (as well as the other Zenith kit aircraft).

Order your copy now

Micro Vortex Generator (Zenith)

NEW STOL CH 701 Kit Option:  Micro Vortex Generators.  Install these VGs on the bottom of the elevator for an even slower approach speed!

NEW Super-bright LED wingtip Strobe / Nav Lights:  Three-in-one combination navigation / strobe and position lights for your STOL aircraft.

STOL CH 750 LS STOL CH 750 LS (Light Sport Aircraft) built by AMD in Georgia The factory-built Light Sport Aircraft is equipped with a new lightweight Continental O-200-D model, and nicely equipped with a Dyon / Garmin glass panel.

STOL CH 701 Elmer Webster's STOL CH 701, as featured in the July 2009 issue of Kitplanes magazine (Completions, page 70): "Take two winters of evenings and weekends, add the engineering genius of Chris Heintz, and stir in a few dollars.  The result is N701ET, a really tough little sport flier!  The Zenith CH 701 kit was a snap to build and the easiest plane to fly I've ever seen.  An ideal fishing machine, it can be seen here, resting in its natural habitat on a riverbank in south central Alaska."

First Flight, by Jim Smith May 18, 2009:  Congratulations to STOL CH 750 builder Jim Smith of Claremore, Oklahoma, upon his successful maiden flight!  He reported:  "Took it on it's first flight at 6:45 a.m. this morning. Wow! One of life's great thrills. It just flew beautifully. I started my takeoff roll and gently pulled the stick back to get the nose in the air. I had planned to note when the wheels left the ground so I would know rotate speed but it lifted off immediately. Climb out was great. This aircraft is very easy to fly. At 4,000 feet I let go of the stick and it flew wing level... "I couldn't be more pleased with the performance or handling... You guys who are building a 750 are going to be thrilled with your airplanes!!!!!!"


Zenair Europe's STOL CH 701 at AERO Friedrichshafen on April 4, 2009.  AERO Friedrichshafen (in Germany) is the showcase for new products for the European sport aviation scene.

Chris Heintz Designer Chris Heintz (retired) visits with EAA President Tom Poberezny and Gary Worden (EAA publications) at AERO Friedrichshafen (Germany, April 4, 2009).

STOL CH 750 - EAA Photo

April 2009, EAA Sport Aviation magazine:

"Sized between the original CH 701 and the four-place CH 801, the CH 750 offers a wider cockpit, larger payload, more robust landing gear, and greater visibility.  Unusual in the industry, the CH 750 is offered in four different forms: factory-built S-LSA, or as a quick-build kit, standard kit, or scratch-built from plans by Zenith Aircraft."

STOL Flying!

Video clip:  Excellent demonstration of the STOL CH 701 short field capability: Short take-offs and steep approaches...

Extreme Flying Video: Zenair Video Clip: Extreme STOL Flying Demo (testing VGs) on skis.
Bob Jones of Alaska installed and tested Zenith micro Vortex Generators (VGs) to the underside of his elevator, and produced this video to demonstrate their effectiveness.
Short take-off

From the online community for builders and flyers: 
Photo depicting an extreme short take-off in the STOL CH 701, submitted by Johann Johannsson of Iceland:

"Our club held a short field take off competition and I won. 29 meters from stop over the string at 1 meter height."

Zenith STOL CH 750 Summer 2008:
Zenith introduces the STOL CH 750 light sport utility aircraft: "The Chris Heintz-designed STOL CH 701 is a workhorse. It has been performing short takeoff and landing (STOL) duty for 20 years and has developed a cult following. Its big brother, the STOL CH 801, is a lot bigger, with twice as many seats and room inside," reported EAA Sport Pilot magazine (October 2008).  "So, with small and large STOL machines, what else would Chris Heintz fans want? How about a mid-sized S-LSA STOL machine? They have one: the new STOL CH 750."
Cover, February 2009, Kitplanes The STOL CH 750 featured on the cover of the February 2009 issue of Kitplanes magazine
Read the Article

KITPLANES magazine, February 2009 issue, cover: "Zenith's Zinger! The new STOL CH 750 Light Sport: Continental O-200 - Modern, Roomy, Robust - Around $40K!"  Cover story and flight review by LeRoy Cook, pages 8 - 14. "The Zenith STOL CH 750 is a logically designed evolution of a well-proven design. Given the improved kit production techniques, it should go together in a predictable fashion, even more quickly than the CH 701."

Video Clip: Flying the 701 with the Jabiru 2200 Video Clip:  Flying the STOL CH 701 powered by a 85-hp Jabiru 2200 engine

17th annual Open Hangar Day 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008: Zenith Aircraft's 17th annual OPEN HANGAR DAY and Fly-In Gathering was a great success, with a lot of sun, planes, food, and great company.  Thanks to all who participated and made this event a fun event!

At right, builders and their planes pose in front of the Zenith factory for the traditional group photo.


An outdoor dinner buffet was enjoyed by more than 120 builders and Zenith employees on Friday evening prior to the Open Hangar Day.

Nice view

Zenith introduces the STOL CH 750 light sport utility aircraft at Oshkosh AirVenture (August 2008).

  • Flying the STOL CH 701, STOL CH 750 and the STOL CH 801 to Oshkosh.
    Click here for photos of the Oshkosh trip

"The STOL CH 701 is not misnamed; it really is a short-takeoff-and-landing plane that can operate from incredibly small spaces...  Featuring CNC precut and predrilled aluminum skins, the CH 701 is easy to build quickly. On three occasions, Zenith demonstrated this with kit startup, completion, and first flights in seven days using volunteers at the Florida Sun'n Fun fly-ins."
KITPLANES magazine, May 2008 issue. "Unbreaking the Bank... Build and fly one of these eight kitbuilt, Light Sport-legal planes for less than $40,000. Really!" Cover story by Dave Martin, pages 16 - 25.

 STOL CH 701: Step-by-step instructional videos Building your STOL CH 701 DVD Series - Complete DVD Set

Step-by-step instructional building videos from on building your STOL CH 701 now make building your own kit easier!  The videos (on DVD) are an excellent supplement to the detailed STOL CH 701 Drawings and Manuals.

Canopy cover NEW Custom windshield and cabin cover from Bruce's Custom Covers to protect the STOL CH 701 cabin and interior when storing the aircraft outdoors
STOL CH 701 Photos from the Spring 2008 Western regional Zenith fly-in, hosted by Quality Sport Planes LLC at Cloverdale Municipal Airport in northern California
Mexico, MO to Lakeland, FL route Trip photos: Flying the STOL CH 701 and STOL CH 801 x-country to Sun'n Fun
Attending the Hands-On Factory Workshop

Builders Report on attending the workshop

Chad and Kristel recently attended one of Zenith Aircraft's hands-on factory workshops
The young couple from Colorado share their workshop experience with this photo report. 

DVD Canyon Surfing has released its first full-length DVD featuring the STOL CH 701.  Titled "Canyon Surfing," this video shows off the aircraft at its best in off-airport, back-country environments: Landing and taking off from rough river beds, short grass fields and curved private roads. Flown by experienced STOL pilots Christopher Desmond and Michael Heintz, this fast-paced adventure includes steep turns, tight "canyon turn-arounds" and remarkably steep approaches and climb-outs, providing an excellent demonstration of the STOL's amazing capabilities.

Order your copy today from, or click here to see a short preview of the video on YouTube. 

New "behind the scenes" video clip from creating the "" DVD
Video Clip
Video Clip: Short Take Off Demo Great new video clips demonstrate the STOL CH 701's outstanding handing characteristics and slow flight capability. 

STOL CH 701 - Rotax 912S Installation DVD

NEW STOL CH 701 Rotax 912S Engine Installation DVD
The latest DVD in this series provides a step-by-step overview of installing the Rotax 912S engine to the STOL CH 701 airframe.

Building your STOL CH 701 DVD Series - Complete DVD Set

Rotax engine installation workshop

Rotax 912S Engine Installation Workshop hosted by Quality Sport Planes (QSP) in California (October 2007)

The hands-on workshop assists builders with the steps required to properly install the Rotax 912S engine with new rear ring mount, including cooling, oil, fuel and electrical systems. For those who were not able to attend, the entire engine installation process was videotaped by to share with other builders.

scratch-building workshop 2007 brazil Roberto Brito of AirFox (near Sao Paulo, Brasil) hosted a three-day workshop for builders in Brazil (Oct.12 - 14, 2007) to gain hands-on experience in scratch-building their own STOL aircraft.  
Custom STOL CH 701 assembly in Brazil

Zenith Open Hangar Day 2007 Zenith Aircraft Company's 16th annual OPEN HANGAR DAY and Fly-In Gathering held on Saturday, September 29, 2007, was a b> great success with dozens of aircraft flown in and hundreds of active participants!  
  • Click here for a photo recap from the day's activities
Extreme STOL flying demonstration Awesome STOL flying and slow-flight demonstrations at the Open Hangar Day.

Flying on Floats in Alaska!

Short take off and landing (S.T.O.L.) demonstrations from around the world on building and flying the STOL CH 701:

STOL CH 701 Fast Build Kit The STOL CH 701 "Fast Build Kit" offered by Quality Sport Planes in California.
Delivering two STOL CH 701 "Fast Build" kits Delivering two STOL CH 701 "Fast Build" kits by trailer (see photo below) from Flight-Crafters.
Delivering STOL CH 701 "Fast Build" kits

From Quality Sport Planes' Open House & Regional Fly-In (held on Saturday, May 5, Cloverdale, Calif.):
Quality Sport Planes' Open House and Regional Fly-In West coast representative Quality Sport Planes' Open House and Regional Fly-In was a great success. 
Quality Sport Planes' Open House and Regional Fly-In

Builders and enthusiasts exchanged building and flying ideas and stories.

Click here for more photos

From the Sun'n Fun fly-in (April 17-23, Lakeland, Florida):
Flying the STOL CH 701 at the "ultralight" field at Sun'n Fun. Photos from Sun'n Fun
Flying the STOL CH 701 at Sun'n Fun 2007, plus a few photos of the 1,000 mile trip to and from Florida.
Sun'n Fun Builders BBQ

Great food and great company!
The 3rd annual "Webmasters BBQ" was held on Thursday, April 19 at the campground.  Thanks BBQ sponsors: JabiruUSA,,, Quality Sport Planes, and the webmasters of and

Factory workshop

Visiting the factory for a demo flight in the STOL CH 701

Robert Haines, of Du Quoin, Illinois, with Zenith's demo pilot, Roger Dubbert flying the STOL CH 701.  

Custom Jabiru 3300 engine installation April 2007: JabiruUSA announced a new firewall-forward package for the popular Jabiru line of four and six-cylinder direct-drive, air cooled engines.  At left is a custom Jabiru 3300 installation with a new fiberglass cowl and engine mount.

Light Sport and Ultralight Flying magazine, February 2007 issue On the cover of Light Sport and Ultralight Flying magazine, February 2007 issue. "Off-Runway Air Recreational Vehicle: Zenith's CH 701 Kit is Sport-Pilot Ready." Cover story by Dan Johnson, pages 26 - 35: 

"While no CH 701 will be envied for its striking good looks, the STOL design more than makes up for its workhorse appearance with toughness and outstanding short-field performance.  And a 20-year-plus history in the field speaks volumes to the model's market and aerodynamic success."

Vulcan Aircraft's new 105-hp diesel engine on a STOL CH 701 Raptor / Vulcan Aircraft Engines introduced a brand-new prototype 105-hp turbo diesel aircraft engine (mounted on a STOL CH 701 airframe) at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida (January 2007).

New 100-hp Rotax 912S Firewall Forward Installation Package Introduced at AirVenture (Oshkosh) 2006:  100-hp Rotax 912S Firewall Forward Installation Package with rear ring engine mount for smoother operation and bold new cowl.

Zenith Aircraft also introduced a new second generation domed bubble door option with a composite door frame (which replaces the aluminum tube frame of the previous bubble door).

Rotax 912S installation and domed bubble door option kit
CNC Router at the Zenith Aircraft Factory New Kit Features - Same Low Price:  The standard STOL CH 701 kit includes many CNC pre-cut and pre-drilled skins and components, and also includes new updated CAD Drawings and Photo Assembly Manuals.

Click here to view a video clip of parts manufacturing with the CNC router at the Zenith Aircraft Co. factory (3 min. / 5.75 mb).

National Geographic magazine, March 2007, page 156 National Geographic magazine used a STOL CH 701 in Chad's Zakouma National Park (Africa) to photograph massive elephant herd movements, featured in the March 2007 issue of the magazine.
(Termite mounds hidden in tall grass can do damage to a prop!)
  • Click here for the National Geographic story
  • Click here for more info on the STOL CH 701 used for anti-poaching in Africa.
Christopher Desmond and his STOL CH 701 Read Christopher Desmond's adventure as he flies his CH-701 from Northern California to the Copperstate fly-in in Arizona.

NEW STOL CH 701 video clips:
Factory workshop: January 19, 2007 January 2007 Factory Workshop:  Despite ice and snow cover, and the cold, all workshop participants were able to go up for a flight in the heated factory demonstrator STOL CH 701. This photo was taken on January 19, 2007, in front of the Zenith Aircraft factory.
From the archives:
Designer Chris Heintz flying the prototype STOL CH 701 (powered by a 52-hp Rotax 503) in 1986.

Zenair Press Release (July 28, 2006): Zenair Ltd. announced that it has terminated its longstanding license agreement with Czech Aircraft Works, under which Chris Heintz designs were produced in the Czech Republic for the European market. The aircraft will continue to be available in Europe through the established Zenair dealer network, with kits coming from Zenith Aircraft Company (Missouri, USA) and assembled aircraft from Zenair Ltd.  (details)

Kitplanes magazine (April 2006)

KITPLANES magazine, April 2006 issue. Cover story: "You Want Utility?  Zenith's 801 Packs 4 Seats to Short Strips: Plus Easy to Build - Only 500 Hours!", cover story by Dave Higdon, pages 20 - 25:  
"Heintz introduced the 701 almost 20 years ago as a two-place utility design... shocking an industry unaccustomed to the radically cambered airfoil and no-kidding utility appearance," writes Higdon. "Overseas, 701s serve as cargo haulers, crop dusters, spotting planes and missionary-support aircraft. Closer to home, farmers and ranchers use the 701 to patrol property, track cattle or wildlife, and serve in many the same roles as those fulfilled by small helicopters - albeit at a fraction of a chopper's costs."

SNF 2006

Sun'n Fun 2006: The 2nd Annual "Webmasters BBQ" was a great success.
wheel skis Click here to view photos of custom ski installations for winter flying.
Mercedes-Benz Smart car turbo diesel A custom turbo-diesel engine installation (82-hp "Smart"-car engine) Mercedes Benz Smart car turbo diesel aircraft engine installation
View the custom engine installation photo galleries:

A full custom instrument panel: STOL CH 701

Click here to view the Instrument Panel photo galleries

Recreational Flyer: STOL for the people: Zenith's amazing CH 701

June 2005, Recreational Flyer (Canada):  "STOL for the people: Zenith's amazing CH 701," cover story by Gary Wolf and Mary Mills, pages 4 - 10.

Great Visibility (with new full bubble doors)
 STOL CH 701 - Extreme Video Great new video clips demonstrate the STOL CH 701's outstanding handing characteristics and slow flight capability. 
Photo from builder Bruce Carr of Australia:
"...a STOL CH 701 being used for what was it was designed for: I had a friend with a 701 visit at my home strip. The strip is only 290 ft. long with a uphill gradient of 8 degrees.  After landing no brakes were used and we had to actually use some power to get to the position where the plane is parked."  More photos

denali-long.jpg (23854 bytes)

Winter flying on skis in Alaska with Bob Jones and Ken Barnes

Metalworking 101 with Rudder Workshop

Metalworking 101 is a two-hour DVD that covers the complete assembly of the STOL CH 701 rudder starter kit.  Independently produced by a CH 701 builder, the DVD provides an excellent introduction to getting started on your own STOL CH 701 kit project... the next best thing to attending a factory workshop. The DVD makes an excellent companion to the rudder starter kit.
Click here for more info.

The January 2005 issue of KITPLANES magazine profiles designer Chris Heintz in a cover story by Tim Kern (pages 12 - 19). "Zenith designer Chris Heintz has combined innovation and forthrightness to achieve success."

Demo pilot Roger Dubbert and Brian Taylor pose in front of their twin planes at Zenith's Open Hangar Day.

Twin planes
(Note: This image is sized 1024x768 and makes an excellent desktop wallpaper image:  Right-click the opened photo and choose "Set as background" or "Save as wallpaper")

October 2004:  
Designer Chris Heintz is profiled in the October 2004 issue of Kitplanes magazine: “The Top 20 – Meet the most influential figures who have shaped the homebuilt aviation industry” by Rick Lindstrom (pages 59 – 63):  
“The Zenith philosophy helps customers all the way through flight testing, ensuring that the completed kit will meet expectations and fly safely as well.  Zenith’s goal? Happy customers."
“You must use creativity and responsibility together to build airplanes,” Heintz says. “And considering the past 30 years, I have not wasted my life”

EAA Experimenter magazine, January 2004 issue.  Cover story, by Dan Johnson, pages 24 - 29.

"Even though it is only handsome in the way of a Hummer, the CH 701 enjoys a good reputation for its durability and outstanding STOL performance."

Kitplanes magazine, January 2004

KITPLANES magazine, January 2004 issue. Cover story: "Easy to Build, Fun to Fly: Which Zenith is Right For You?" by Dave Higdon.  Pages 8 - 15. Comparison of the ZODIAC XL and the STOL CH 701 designs: "The bottom line: Hands down, both airplanes easily fulfill their respective missions. Best of all, they do so with flying traits that should challenge few pilots of average competence."

Another Major Step Forward for Sport Pilot: December 24, 2003 

From EAA: Christmas came early to the aviation community when Department of Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta signed off on the sport pilot/light-sport aircraft rulemaking package and forwarded it to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) late on Tuesday, December 23. OMB now has 90 days in which to review and return the package to the FAA, at which time it would be published in the Federal Register as a final rule.

Seaplane Pilots Assoc. - Nov/Dec. 2003

Cover Story, Nov/Dec 2003 Issue of Water Flying magazine, a Seaplane Pilots Association publication.
"Zenair CH 701" by Larry Zetterlind, Pages 20 -27.

5433.jpg (21927 bytes) Learning to fly in India...
brook5.jpg (48887 bytes) November 2003:

brazil1.jpg (61113 bytes) "It deserves a kiss after a wonderful 1,000 mile trip through Brazil..."
  • Gervazio Degan, Londrina, Brazil
    November 2003

701.jpg (69275 bytes)

Domed "Bubble Door" Increases Cabin Width by 6-Inches and Maximizes Visibility.

EAA Experimenter - 8/03 From EAA Experimenter magazine, August 2003, back cover: "With big tires and lots of lift-enhancing devices, the Zenair CH-701 is a great backwoods aircraft on wheels, floats, or skis..."
A STOL CH 701 in New Zealand... and more pics of builder completions
Brian Clark, managing editor of Kitplanes magazine reports on attending Zenith’s factory workshop in the July 2003 issue of Kitplanes magazine: He concludes that it’s "…a worthwhile investment to attend a workshop before making the larger decision of whether to build the kit."
"Try Before you Buy" by Brian Clark, pages 54-57.
Read the full story in the July 2003 issue of Kitplanes magazine.
Details about about factory workshops

Double vision...
A pair of STOL CH 701 aircraft is Germany.
Twin brothers build a pair of STOL CH 701 aircraft in Australia - and plan to circumnavigate the Australian continent in their aircraft.
Many builders copy Zenith's "official" paint scheme

9/10/02: Congratulations to Henry Clews for winning the water take-off competition at the 29th Annual International Seaplane Fly-In at Greenville, Maine. Click here for more pics and info...

7kitsap-11.jpg (57675 bytes) EAA Sport Aviation magazine: September 2002:
"Reading, Writing and Riveting - students build airplanes - and character," by Kerry Fores, pages 58 - 64, EAA Sport Aviation magazine.
Central Kitsap Junior High's STOL CH 701 project.
kitpsap.jpg (60479 bytes)

Towing a hanglider with the STOL CH 701 (Germany)
  • STOL CH 701 aircraft at work and play around the world:
    Click here for more photos and stories.

R/C Scale STOL CH 701 and STOL CH 801:

STOL CH 701 and 801 Scale R/C Models

Click here for model builder resources.

March 21 & 22, 2002: Nine STOL CH 701 rudder tail assemblies being built at the Zenith Aircraft factory workshop.

November 2001 EAA Sport Aviation magazine:  "Three-Part Planning - Getting ready for light-sport aircraft," by Ed Kolano, pages 52 - 59.

STOL CH 701 screensaver program for your PC:  

  • Click here for more information and to download a free copy.

gr7g.jpg (20611 bytes)

Flying the STOL CH 701 off the beach in Greece...

Northern Pilot magazine (August/September 2001)


Northern Pilot magazine, "STOL CH 701 and 801 - Form Follows Function", by Peter Diemer, cover story, pages 22 - 29. August / September 2001 issue. Click here for subscription information.

osh01-k.jpg (23924 bytes) STOL CH 701 designer Chris Heintz was awarded the LAMA (Light Aircraft Manufacturers' Assoc.) / KITPLANES magazine "2001 PRESIDENT'S AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL". The award was presented on July 24, 2001 at AirVenture 2001 by LAMA president Larry Burke and Kitplanes magazine editor Dave Martin. 
golf3.jpg (63321 bytes) At the country club...

[Click here for more photos]

aa13.jpg (27126 bytes) Photos from India: Click here

July 2001: 
Designer Chris Heintz upgrades STOL CH 701 design to 1,100 lbs. gross weight, new standard kit features, and new 4th Edition CAD Drawings.

With the release of new edition drawings and manuals for the STOL CH 701, a number of design upgrades have been introduced.  Summary of changes and new features:

  • The design gross weight has been increased to 1,100 lbs.
  • New 4th edition CAD Drawings - Now shipping
  • Dual wing tanks (2 x 10 US Gallons) replace the header tank
  • Formed acrylic plexiglass windshield now standard equipment in the kit.
  • Top hinged "swing-up" door is now standard equipment

For additional information:

Sample FlightSim screen shots...

New photo galleries on the STOL CH 701 kit assembly:
Hundreds of construction photos.

Zenith.Aero: Online community for active Zenith builders, owners and pilots

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