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STOL CH 701 Landing Gear Design

LANDING GEAR DESIGN: The standard tricycle gear also allows for excellent forward visibility while taxiing - an important consideration when operating the aircraft in off-airport environments. The heavy-duty tricycle gear system was chosen as theCabin Angle / Rotation standard gear configuration for the STOL CH 701 to meet the needs of today’s pilots: Most pilots are not experienced ‘taildragger’ pilots, and a tricycle gear provides better stability and control on the ground.

The STOL CH 701 uses a high tail configuration to allow easy rotation of the aircraft to achieve high lift during take-offs and landings. In a tailwheel configuration this requires a tall and awkward main gear to achieve the same high angle of attack (see illustration).

Furthermore, the tricycle gear allows for a level cabin area – this makes loading and unloading the aircraft much easier than with an inclined cabin.

In a tricycle gear configuration, the wing is at a neutral angle of attack while the aircraft is on the ground, as opposed to a maximum lift angle with a taildragger. Tailwheel airplanes are thus more susceptible to ground wind conditions while taxiing or even while parked outdoors.

Main gear spring The STOL CH 701 utilizes a heavy duty gear system developed specifically for off-airport operation. The main gear comprises of a simple single-piece aluminum spring leaf which is bolted to the bottom of the fuselage. The single carry-through main gear provides double cantilever deflection. The main gear is fitted with large treaded tundra tires, with independent hydraulic disk brakes.

While it’s not the lightest gear system around, it provides excellent rough-field capability Nosegearwhen combined with large tires, and is very durable, simple and virtually maintenance-free.  The main gear is fitted with 8.00 x 6 wheels and 16-inch treaded tundra tires, with independent hydraulic disk brakes.

The nosewheel strut uses a single heavy-duty bungee for shock absorbency. The nosewheel is steerable, with direct linkage to the rudder pedals for very effective and responsive ground handling and tight turns. The main wheels are equipped with independent hydraulic disk brakes.

The STOL CH 701's gear has been developed specifically for off-airport use. The direct linkage steerable nosewheel, plus differential braking, provide remarkably precise ground handling and steering.

STOL CH 701 Construction with Gear

Often called the 'Sky Jeep' with its new All-Terrain Gear, the STOL CH 701 is ideally suited for off-airport use. The direct linkage steerable nosewheel, plus differential braking, provide remarkably precise ground handling and steering.  Click here to view a schematic of the landing gear

Custom tires, such as these 26-inch low pressures Airstreak tires, give the STOL CH 701 additional off-airport capability:
Custom wheels Custom tires  Custom 26-inch tires


Float operation FLOATS: ZenairTM all-metal floats are ideal for use on the STOL CH 701, and may easily be rigged to the aircraft. The floats are mounted on a monoleaf main spring for retained shock absorption on water. New amphibious floats offer capability to operate from both land and water: The amphibious floats feature retractable main wheels (pneumatically activated), and a unique retractable single steerable nosewheel.

STOL CH 701: Tail-dragger OptionTaildragger Option: While the standard tricycle gear is the recommended gear system, a tailwheel option is also available for the STOL CH 701 for taildragger fans.

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