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EAA Employees To Build a Zenith CH750

From the EAA Website: EAA Employees To Build a Zenith CH750

September 5, 2012 - What better way to educate our staff about the ins and outs of a homebuilt airplane than to build one ourselves? The project has been launched by EAA's communities manager, Chad Jensen, with full support from EAA senior staff and sponsorship from Zenith Aircraft.  Read more...

2012 Open Hangar Day The Zenith Aircraft Company Open Hangar Day is just two weeks away!  We have great new seminars and workshops scheduled starting on Friday, September 21.  We've just added a seminar to be presented by Earl Downs on "Training in an Experimental (kit) Airplane"  Check out our updated schedule of seminars and participants!  Also on Friday, we'll be celebrating Zenith Aircraft Company's 20th anniversary at the Zenith banquet dinner. As previously announced, Rod Hightower, EAA's president and CEO, will be our special guest, and we have some fantastic door prizes to give away, including a Dynon "Pocket Panel" portable EFIS.  Plan now to join us for our Open Hangar Day celebrations, and please remember to RSVP soon to help with planning.
Contact! Magazine - Zenith / Corvair Issue The new issue of CONTACT! magazine features Zeniths (nearly exclusively!), with informative articles on alternative engines (especially Corvair auto conversions), first flights and phase I flight testing, transition training, and more!  There's even an article on designer Chris Heintz: "Designing the Future of Experimental Aviation for Forty Years" and a review of the Heintz book: Flying On Your Own Wings.
Now is a great time to subscribe to Contact! magazine, a grassroots publication about to building and flying light aircraft, with an emphasis on alternative engines.

Zenith at the Midwest LSA Expo

The Zenith CH 750 and the Zenith CH 650 (with the UL350iS engine) factory demo aircraft will be at the Midwest LSA Expo this Friday and Saturday in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  
Come by to look at the airplanes!

Here's some of the most popular new content on Zenith.Aero.  Please remember to share news of your building and flying adventures, and to comment on posts from fellow Zenith builders and flyers:


STOL CH 750 Shadow

The Zenith STOL CH 750 over the Zenith CH 650 wing. Notice the shadow CH 750 landing on the wingtip...Photo from Barge Aviation (France)
First Flight First flight photos and videos from Louis Leung of Westford, Massachusetts.
STOL Flying STOL Flying Video Clip from Randy Owen
Blog Post: Sebastien Heintz Follow-up blog post from Sebastien Heintz on the STOL CH 750 aircraft "Factory Demo #1 ...after the storm"

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