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The Sport Pilot-Ready Kit Plane from Zenith Aircraft Company!

Sport-Pilot Ready ZODIAC XL
The ZODIAC excels...

The ZODIAC XL is a popular all-metal ZODIAC kit aircraft series from aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz, offering more performance and many standard features specifically for Sport Pilots.  Introduced in 2001, the ZODIAC XL model was developed with the FAA's Sport Pilot / Light-Sport Aircraft category in mind, and offers maximum performance and capability possible under the FAA category.  The ZODIAC CH 650 model was introduced in 2008 as a second-generation light sport aircraft design with sleek new styling and numerous new and updated features.

Simple and quick to build easy and fun to fly!

The ZODIAC design offers superior performance and capabilities, comfortable side-by-side seating, affordable costs, and best of all, the ZODIAC is available as a durable all-metal kit that you can quickly build yourself - with just basic skills and  tools.

Zodiac XL General Configuration - Schematic

Build your own Zodiac from:

  • Complete Kit: Everything you need to build your own Zodiac...
  • Component (Section) Kits allow you to "buy-as-you-build"...
  • Plans-Only: Detailed precision CAD Drawings and Photo Assembly Manuals permit you to "scratch-build" the entire aircraft (parts and components can be purchased individually).
  • Starter Kit: The rudder starter kit allows you to gain hands-on experience while actually starting to build your own aircraft... for just $300.
  • Fly Away:  Buy the American-made factory-assembled certified ZODIAC S-LSA Light Sport Aircraft from AMD.  IFR certified model available.

Kit Features...
Same Low Price!

The standard kit includes many precision CNC pre-cut and pre-drilled skins and components, and also includes CAD Drawings and Photo Assembly Manuals.

  • Click here to view a video clip of parts manufacturing with the CNC router  (5.75 mb).

Pre-drilling and cutting skins

A feature story in the annual 2007 FlightTest magazine ( in the UK) concludes that with the Zodiac, "...a relatively low tech aircraft, built traditionally, can still deliver hugely enjoyable flying and take you places for very little money."

The ZODIAC is easy and affordable to build and fly, yet it's an airplane you won't easily outgrow: The ZODIAC is the perfect project for the first-time builder and the demanding sport pilot, bridging the gap between performance flying and affordable costs.

View Videos Zodiac Video Clips: Cool video clips: The next best thing to actually flying in the Zodiac!

Zodiac Photo Galleries: Hundreds of photos of completed and flying Zodiac aircraft from around the world.

Rick Lindstrom seated in his Zodiac XL Kitplanes magazine writer Rick Lindstrom took tool in hand to create a dream machine, as he reported in the June to December 2007 issues of Kitplanes magazine:

"Zenith's fast-build kit greatly exceeded our expectations for completeness and component quality."

Zodiac Cover Story:

The Zodiac was featured on the cover of EAA Sport Pilot & Light-Sport Aircraft magazine (December 2006 issue).

The Zodiac CH 601... Have It Your Way.  Ready-to-fly, ready-to-build, or IFR capable
by Dan Johnson (pages 24 - 31).

Factory-Assembled ZODIAC XL S-LSA Factory-Assembled ZODIAC S-LSA:

AMD Zodiac S-LSA production aircraft with a 100-hp Continental O-200 powerplant.

"Since its introduction in 1984, the Zodiac CH601 series has become very popular with first-time builders and low-time pilots" says Heintz. "The new Zodiac model is designed to achieve maximum performance and efficiency with the new generation light aircraft engines: the six-cylinder Jabiru, the 100-hp Rotax 912S, and Subaru automotive conversions, as well as popular conventional aircraft engines, such as the Lycoming O-235 and Continental O-200."

Excellent choice

The ZODIAC CH 601 XL model introduced a new airfoil and larger wing area than its predecessor Zodiac CH 601 models, which allowed the aircraft to achieve higher speeds with a higher payload. With wing flaps, stall speed was kept low for recreational pilots. The new Zodiac has been configured to take full advantage of its increased useful load: Larger wing tanks offer a larger fuel capacity (24 US Gal.) resulting in superior range and endurance, and the baggage area behind the seat has also been increased.


NEW Zodiac Features... Maximum Value:

ZODIAC CH 601 XL Canopy

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Popular Mechanics magazine builds and flies a ZODIAC  Read the Cover Story

Zodiac CH 650  

CH 601/650 Updates 





ZODIAC XL S-LSA custom panel, dual control sticks.
A clean and simple, yet very complete, custom Zodiac glass panel.

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