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STOL CH 701 Construction Photos

STOL CH 701 Construction

Following are photo gallery links to hundreds of photos showing and detailing the construction of the STOL CH 701 aircraft:

[Note: Many of these photo thumbnail pages are still in the process of being sorted correctly]

Wings Construction Wings 1
Wings 2
Wing Root
Wing Tip
Wing Tanks
Leading Edge Slats Slats 1
Flaperons Flaperons 1
Tail Rudder 1
Elevator 1
Stabilizer 1
Fuselage Fuselage-Rear 1
Fuselage-Forward 1
Landing Gear Gear 1
Firewall / Rotax 912 Firewall Forward 1
Battery Box
Miscellaneous Photos
Parts Fabrication & Construction


Note: These photos are for illustrative purposes only, and are not assembly instructions.  They do not replace the drawings and manuals for construction of the aircraft, and may show modifications or alterations that may or may not be recommended by the designer.

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Sport-Pilot Ready Kit Planes from Zenith Aircraft Company

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