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Chris HeintzJune 20, 2005:  
As reported in the June 2005 issue of Recreational Flyer magazine, award-winning designer Chris Heintz revealed he is working on the development of a new design, currently being called the CH 750:

The all-metal high-wing CH 750 is being designed specifically as a Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) for operation under the FAA's new Sport Pilot category, and the design is being optimized as a factory-built (production) LSA class aircraft.  Currently there are no plans for the CH 750 aircraft to be offered as an aircraft kit or plans (blueprints) for amateur builders. Heintz has stated that the larger CH 750 aircraft is a new aircraft model, and not a replacement to the very popular STOL CH 701 aircraft - which can be built from complete kits, component kits or from plans-only:

"My CH 701 design has been very popular for 20 years because it offers exceptional STOL performance and also because it is easy and affordable to build and fly," Heintz stated.  While the basic STOL CH 701 design is essentially the same today as the prototype first introduced in 1986, the design and kits have evolved over the years: The design's gross weight was increased to 1,100 pounds in 2001 to coincide with the introduction of the 100-hp Rotax 912S engine, and new features include full-Plexiglas domed bubble doors.  Complete kits produced by Zenith Aircraft Co. are quicker and easier to build than ever, with more predrilled holes and easier-to-follow photo assembly guides.  The standard STOL CH 701 kit aircraft meets the definition of a Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) as defined by the FAA's "Certification of Aircraft and Airmen for the Operation of Light-Sport Aircraft," and can therefore be flown by a Sport Pilot.

Chris Heintz expects to fly a proof-of-concept prototype sometime next year, and will commence production tooling only upon successful completion of the ASTM compliance and flight test programs.  Production is not expected to begin until 2007.  Because Chris Heintz is currently working on a number of different projects, the development schedule for the CH 750 is flexible.

While Chris Heintz has not revealed performance or specification figures for the new design, it is expected to have a gross weight of 1320 lbs., the maximum allowed under the Sport Pilot category, with a useful load of approx. 500 lbs., typical of a two-seat light aircraft. Zenith Aircraft will provide progress reports on the CH 750 project as they become available from designer Chris Heintz.

"With the new Light Sport category arriving in the US, Chris Heintz is now building the prototype of a larger version, called the CH 750. The plane will have two feet more wingspan with the same chord and airfoil. The fuselage will be a couple feet longer with larger tail area, still using the inverted airfoil for the stab. The landing gear will be stronger to handle the higher gross weight, and the fuselage will be widened a couple of inches and will use the CH601 firewall and nose gear. Chris Heintz feels that the new US Sport Pilot license will attract the older crowd who are afraid of losing their medicals. These pilots will feel more comfortable with a Continental, so Chris has convinced Continental to go back into production with the O-200. The CH 750 will be an excellent STOL aircraft."

  • Excerpted from May/June 2005 issue, Recreational Flyer (Canada):  "STOL for the people: Zenith's amazing CH 701,"  cover story by Gary Wolf and Mary Mills, layout by George Gregory, pages 4 - 10. Recreational Aircraft Assoc. of Canada.





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