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AeroLED's NS nav/strobe/position light   AeroLED's ExP nav/strobe/position light


We're pleased to make available to Zenith Aircraft builders a full range of high quality LED (light emitting diode) aircraft lighting products.  By special arrangement with the manufacturer, we offer the Zenair-branded AeroLED series of wingtip-mounted nav/strobe lights.  The ExP or NSP series lights are mounted in a very attractive anodized aluminum base (with clear polycarbonate lens) and are very easy to permanently mount to the wingtip while also being virtually indestructible.  Thanks to our buying power, we can offer the American-made AeroLED lights to our customers at very competitive prices.

Zenair-branded AeroLED wingtip nav/strobe/position light

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LEDs (light emitting diodes) are quickly replacing old-generation lighting systems for a number of very good reasons.  Their main benefits include:

  • Much lower current draw: LEDs consume just 20% of the power of an incandescent bulb for the same amount of light.  They are not prone to shock or vibration damage when properly mounted, and operate at much cooler temperatures.

  • Installation of the LED nav/strobe units is much lighter and easier to install.  LED strobes do not require heavy bulky power supplies, generate much less RFI than conventional (xenon) strobes or HID landing lights, and operate on multi-voltage (9 - 30 volts DC). 

  • The rated life of AeroLEDs is 50,000 hours.   Incandescent bulbs typically only last about 100 hours in the high vibration environment found on airplanes.  Xenon strobe bulbs typically burn out in 1,000 hours, while HID bulbs typically last about 5,000 hours.

  • Conventional ( xenon) strobes provide all of their light in a short 100 micro-second long burst each time they flash, whereas the LED strobes are on for 80 milli-seconds for each flash. This provides a longer period of time for the human eye to see the flashes.

  • LEDs are instant-on, unlike HID bulbs which must strike and arc to warm up, and incandescent bulbs that come on gradually as the filament heats up.  The life of LEDs are not affected by turning them on and off, unlike incandescent and HID (high intensity discharge) bulbs which wear out faster when they are cycled on and off.  For recognition light operation (landing lights wig-wag) LEDs do not suffer a life penalty, but HIDs and incandescent lights experience more wear in this mode than if they were just left on.

  • Durability: Housed behind a clear polycarbonate lens on an aluminum base, the LED nav/strobe light is much more durable than (breakable) conventional glass covers.

AeroLED ExP Nav/Position/Strobe installation to the Zenith fiberglass wingtips:
Installing the AeroLED wingtip strobe / nav / position light Installing the wing LED strobe / nav / position light Installing the wing LED strobe / nav / position light Installing the wing LED strobe / nav / position light



Features of the wingtip-mounted lights:  Combined 3-in-1 Nav/Position/Strobe (there's no need to install a white tail position light to the rudder of the aircraft); low-drag sleek profile, very attractive finish.  

The flagship product, the ExP, is a Nav/Position/Strobe supplied in very attractive housing, and is the best performing nav/strobe light on the market today.

The unit measures 5.65-inches (143 mm.) long x 1.825-inches (46 mm.) wide by 1.29-inches (32 mm.) tall.

EXP Nav/Position/Strobe Light: Download Data Sheet / Installation Manual  |  Video Clip (STOL CH 750)

The brand new NSP unit is more compact with the same footprint as a conventional (AeroFlash or Whelan) nav/strobe light to easily fit the older style fiberglass wingtips.

The compact unit measures just 4-inches (100 mm.) long and just 1.3 inches (33 mm.) tall.

NSP Nav/Position/Strobe Light: Download Data Sheet / Installation Manual
- Installation details and Video Clip (Installation on a Zodiac)


LED Landing Light for the STOL Series aircraft:

LED Landing Light The compact super-bright landing light mounts inside the wing leading edge slat for a clean installation.  The light can be mounted on just one side (one wing) of the aircraft, or a landing light kit can be installed into each wing (and synchronized for high visibility wig-wag).

AeroLED MicroSun:  1,800 lumens, 20 watts

The same kit fits all STOL aircraft models.

Inside View: LED Landing Light

Additional Lighting: Tail Light and Landing Lights

AeroLED also manufactures various LED landing lights and tail lights for your aircraft.

All prices, equipment and availability subject to change without prior notice.


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