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Following are a few photos from Sun'n Fun 2006:

Sun'n Fun Fly-In

April 4 - 10, 2006,   Lakeland, Florida

ZODIACs at the Zenith Aircraft Co. booth at Sun'n Fun 2006
ZODIAC XL Zenith's factory demonstrator ZODIAC XL (powered by a Jabiru 3300 engine).
ZODIAC Phil Maxson's polished Corvair-powered Zodiac XL at Sun'n Fun
Corvair power Two Corvairs in the air at Sun'n Fun:
Phil Maxson's ZODIAC XL (photographed from William Wynne's ZODIAC XL (taildragger).
The Zenith crew unpacks a ZODIAC XL Kit which was on display during the week.
snf-06-13.jpg (71787 bytes)
ZODIAC XL AMD (Eastman, Georgia) displayed a couple of factory-assembled ZODIAC XL S-LSA aircraft powered by the Continental O-200
Flight training in the ZODIAC XL
Both the STOL CH 701 and STOL CH 801 were flown once again from Mexico, Missouri to Lakeland, Florida (and back)... nearly 1,000 miles (1,600 km.) each way.
SNF 2006 Sun'n Fun 2006: The 2nd Annual "Webmasters BBQ" was a great success
SNF 2006 Designer Chris Heintz chatting with builders at the BBQ.
SNF 2006 The Heintz clan at the BBQ
The Flight Crafters crew worked on a ZODIAC XL Kit wing assembly as well as a STOL CH 701 kit.
The Zodiac XL Quick Build Kit The Zodiac XL Kit
Phil Maxson's polished new Corvair-powered Zodiac XL at Sun'n Fun
Chris Heintz Chris Heintz design forum at Sun'n Fun
  • Click here to read design articles by Chris Heintz
Chris Heintz
STOL CH 701 and 801 at Sun'n Fun

ch-forum.jpg (19863 bytes) Designer Chris Heintz "Forums" at Sun'n Fun:  
Chris Heintz, designer of the Zenith Aircraft kits, is scheduled once again to speak on light aircraft design and construction at Sun'n Fun.

The forums are an excellent opportunity to learn more about Zenith Aircraft kit designs - right from the source!

Date Time Location  Short Title
1:00 - 2:00 PM Tent #4 Light Aircraft Design For Performance & Efficiency
1:00 - 2:00 PM Tent #4 Sheet Metal Construction & Riveting
12:00 - 1:00 PM Tent #1 Riveting & Sheet-Metal Construction For The 1st Time Builder
  Schedule subject to change - see actual program.
  • A Zenith kit was be under construction in the Sheet Metal Workshop area throughout the week at the convention. 

Assembling the ZODIAC wing

Factory-Assembled ZODIAC XL S-LSA

  • Factory-assembled Zodiac LSA for Sport Pilots
    Meet the folks from AMD at the Zenith Aircraft booth and see a brand-new Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) ZODIAC XL. They'll tell you all about the certified LSA version of the Zodiac. AMD markets and distributes the factory-built Light-Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) ZODIAC XL.


  • William Wynne's Corvair Powered Zodiac
    The ZenVair ZODIAC XL will be on display at the Zenith Aircraft booth during the Sun'n Fun show, and a complete firewall-forward package by the Corvair Authority will also be on display: "My crew and myself will be on hand at the booth all week to answer any questions builders might have" says William. For more information: www.FlyCorvair.com

From previous years at Sun'n Fun...
Sun'n Fun 2005 Designer Chris Heintz at the builders' BBQ (Sun'n Fun 2005)
xl-osh2004c.jpg (50227 bytes) Corvair engine powered ZODIAC XL at the Zenith booth (Sun'n Fun fly-in 2005)
On the Sun'n Fun flightline (2003)
snf04b.jpg (59309 bytes) Zenair 701 at the 2004 Sun'n Fun
snf2000b.jpg (34436 bytes) A STOL CH 801 leading-edge slat and wing assembly was on display (2002)

Zenith Aircraft Company was presented with a Sun'n Fun plaque in 1999 "in appreciation of 25 years support" to the EAA Sun'n Fun fly-in convention.

Visit the official sun-n-fun.org web site for complete details about attending this major aviation event.

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