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Drawings & Manuals
ZODIAC Drawings and Manuals

Supplied with the complete ZODIAC kit, the drawings are not just assembly instructions (as with most kits), but are detailed 11" x 17" CAD blueprints of the entire airframe assembly, and come with an assembly manual. Supplied with a serial number, you can actually build your own aircraft from "scratch" following the drawings and manuals.  If purchased separately, the cost of the drawings and manuals is deductible off the cost of the full kit.

Click here for details about the new ZODIAC XL Drawings and Manuals.
Builders that have previously purchased the Drawings and Manuals for the ZODIAC CH 601 UL, HD or HDS models can update their drawings to the latest edition. Click here for more info.

"Zenith is one of the few kit makers that still offers a plans-only option; the company supplies complete kits...
  but it will also sell sub-kits, individual parts, or just the plans and builder's manual."
- KITPLANES magazine: "The Scratch-Building Alternative" July 2008


Following are some selected sample CAD drawings from the ZODIAC CH 601 HD drawings.  These are sample drawings only, and are for informational and educational purposes only.

Fuselage General Arrangement 6-0 pdf image
Fuselage Exploded View 6-F-0 pdf image
Firewall 6-F-8 pdf image
Firewall Installation 6-F-9 pdf image
Instrument Panel / Bulkheads 6-F-12 pdf image
Tail Control Cables 6-F-15 pdf image
Rudder Pedals / Brakes 6-F-18 pdf image
Landing Gear 6-L-0 pdf image
Landing Gear Detail 6-L-3 pdf image
Tail Sections 6-T-0 pdf image
Rudder Detail 6-T-5 pdf image
Wing Assembly 6-V-0 pdf image
Wing Ribs 6-V-1 pdf image
Internal Wing Structure 6-V-3 pdf image
Center Wing / Main Gear 6-V-6 pdf image
Wing Skin Riveting 6-V-9 pdf image
Seat Arrangement 6-V-12 pdf image
Aileron Bellcrank Control 6-V-14 pdf image
Wing Attachment & Aileron Control 6-V-15 pdf image
  • Click here for information on purchasing the ZODIAC Drawings and Manuals.
  • Click here to view CAD drawings online (using Autodesk® Express Viewer).
  • Click here for details about the new ZODIAC XL Drawings and Manuals.

Prices in U.S. funds. All prices, equipment and availability subject to change without prior notice.  

Grass-Field Operation

"[Chris Heintz] designs have earned an excellent reputation among pilots, builders, and aviation authorities for their durable all-metal construction, normal flight characteristics, reliability, and low maintenance."
     - EAA Sport Aviation magazine


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