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ZODIAC Design - Cabin & Canopy

All ZODIAC CH601 models offer comfortable two-place side-by-side seating in an ergonomically designed 44-inch wide cabin. The huge tinted bubble canopy (plexiglass), which provides outstanding 360 degree visibility, is hinged on both sides of the cabin, to allow access from either side of the aircraft. Access to the cabin is easy over the 20-inch wide reinforced wing walkway on both sides of the cockpit, and facilitated by a ‘step’ located below the trailing edge of the wing. Outstanding visibility and comfort for two...
ZODIAC Canopy (hinged from the right) ZODIAC Canopy (hinged from the left)

The original ZODIAC canopy hinges from both sides for easy access to the cockpit.

The forward-hinging canopy introduced on the new ZODIAC XL is now also available as an option for all ZODIAC models:

The ZODIAC XL's forward hinging canopy

"The visibility under that big bubble canopy is outstanding and the hinging mechanism on the canopy, which can be opened from either side, is just plain ingenious, as well as simple."

- SportPlane Resource Guide, Second Edition

Custom ZODIAC XL instrument panel / interior:
Custom CH601 Panel ZODIAC Side-By-Side Seating
"...you might think you're looking at the interior of a racy sports car, but it's actually the interior of the sport ZODIAC XL... nice appeal to folks who want an airplane that looks and feels a bit more modern."

EAA Experimenter magazine

The ZODIAC is a kit aircraft you won't easily outgrow
...in more ways than one.

The ZODIAC's cabin is ergonomically designed for comfortable side-by-side seating... even for larger pilots.  To most pilots, the ZODIAC's seating arrangement provides "Lazy-Boy" comfort, even on long cross-country flights.

 Cabin Dimensions

  • The ZODIAC XL model features a larger baggage area and increased legroom in the cabin.  Click here for details.

Email Message to Zenith Aircraft:

"Just a quick note to let u know that I am 6'4" and weigh over 250 and I fit into the Super ZODIAC nicely. I encountered lots of headroom with the bubble canopy and was very surprised with the room." - TW

The roomy ZODIAC cabin is equipped with a large instrument panel and dual controls accessible from both the left and right seats. The center-mounted control column (stick) can easily be used from either side, and does not limit visibility of the instrument panel. Dual throttle controls are mounted on both sides of the panel for easy access. The dual rudder pedals also steer the nose-wheel (tricycle gear configuration), and are equipped with standard hydraulic toe-brakes on the pilot’s side.

A sample ZODIAC panel...
Panel Details | Large View of Panel

ZODIAC: Room to spare...

The large main baggage area is located directly behind the seats for easy access, and dual wing baggage lockers hold up to an additional 40 pounds each, providing standard baggage capacity of up to 120 lbs. (54 kg.). The wing lockers can also hold optional fuel tanks (7.5 US gallons in each wing) for increased endurance, or new wing leading-edge fuel tanks can be used (without restricting space in the wing baggage lockers).

  • Dimensions for the main baggage area:  42"W x 40"L x 14"H; 40 lbs. (approx.)
  • Dimensions for each wing baggage locker:  20"W x 20"L x 10"H; 40 lbs. each

The ZODIAC wings can be quickly removed in minutes for easy trailering or storage.


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