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The ZODIAC CH 601 Series Kit Aircraft

The affordable recreational kit aircraft for the sport pilot: Enjoy leisure flights, with exceptional unrestricted visibility... operate from short grass strips... make round trips of several hundred miles in a single day... Take your partner for a local pleasure flight, or to a far-off destination (with overnight bags)... 


`... turned out to be a delight to fly and land. Call it a BMW Z3 with wings. Cessna and Piper trainers are downright stodgy in comparison.
       - Popular Mechanics magazine

Sport Pilot, January 1996 (Click to view review)The ZODIAC is the answer to your dreams, offering you superior performance and capabilities, comfortable side - by - side seating, surprisingly affordable costs, and best of all, the ZODIAC is available as a durable all metal kit that you can quickly build yourself - with just basic skills and tools.

The ZODIAC is easy and affordable to build and fly, yet it's an airplane you won't easily outgrow. The ZODIAC is the perfect project for the first-time builder and the demanding sport pilot, bridging the gap between performance flying and affordable costs: Simple and quick to build; easy and fun to fly. Well suited for low-time pilots, the ZODIAC offers exciting performance and good cross-country flying capabilities. Loaded with standard features, the new ZODIAC models provide all-metal durability, first-class comfort for two large persons in a wide cabin, large baggage compartments, and much more. New complete kits reduce building time, requiring no special skills or tools to put together. Originally introduced in 1984, the ZODIAC design has a proven track record. It's fun and easy to fly even for the novice pilot, yet has capabilities and performance that will thrill the most experienced pilot.

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"...a playful, delightful airplane with side-by-side seating and a gorgeous bubble canopy. Handling is great, stability is pleasant, and the kit is very straight forward. Highly recommended."
- US AVIATOR magazine

ZODIAC CH 601 short field performance

Many builders are still interested in the fine features and qualities of the ZODIAC CH 650’s forerunners. The models listed below were developed for the specific characteristics described.  Zenith Aircraft Company delivers kits and/or most parts for all models.

Choose the model with the performance and features you want in an airplane:


Introduced in 2001, the ZODIAC XL was Zenith's first entry for the Sport Pilot / Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category. The ZODIAC CH 601 XL model introduced a new airfoil and larger wing area than its predecessors. With new wing flaps, stall speed was kept low for recreational pilots. The XL was  configured to take full advantage of its increased useful load, with larger wing tanks and baggage areas.  The new Zodiac CH 650 was introduced in July 2008, replacing the Zodiac XL model.


The ZODIAC CH 601 HD is the basic ZODIAC model, based on the original CH 600 aircraft developed in 1984 as a primary trainer. This heavy-duty (HD) model is suitable for most engine types ranging from 65 to 115 HP. Affordable, easy to build, and loads of fun for both novice and experienced pilots. Click here for details and specifications on the ZODIAC CH601 HD.


The sleek ZODIAC CH 601 HDS incorporates tapered speed wings, allowing the sporty ZODIAC to fly at a brisk 135 MPH on just 80 HP. Very affordable and efficient performance flying. Click here for details and specifications on the ZODIAC CH601 HDS.


A lighter version of the ZODIAC CH 601 HD model, the CH 601 (UL) has been developed specifically for the Advanced Ultralight category in Canada and other applicable countries. This ZODIAC model is the ideal low-cost trainer or recreational aircraft. Click here for details and specifications on the ZODIAC CH601 UL.

The Four-Seat Zodiac CH 640:
Zodiac: CH 640 and CH 601
The ZODIAC CH 640 design from veteran aircraft designer Chris Heintz is a four-place, low-wing, all-metal kit aircraft: "This design is the result of growing customer demand for a simple yet fully-capable four-seat aircraft," stated Chris Heintz. "This four-seater is based primarily on my proven type-certificated CH 2000 production aircraft design, and is also influenced by the ZODIAC CH 601 series kit designs and my Zenith CH 300 design from the 70s." The CH 640 is a conventional four-seater, with a 2 + 2 seating configuration. The prototype aircraft is powered by a 180-hp Lycoming O-360 engine. The design features a fixed tricycle landing gear, large dual gull-wing doors, a wing span of 31.5 feet and an overall length of 23 feet.
The Zodiac CH 640 is represented by Zenair Ltd.

Visit our huge Photo Library to see hundreds of pictures of completed ZODIACs and construction photos.

Zenair ZODIAC CH601 HD on Zenair Amphibious Floats

Popular Mechanics magazine builds and flies a ZODIAC
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