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Outstanding visibility and comfort for two...

The new ZODIAC XL offers comfortable and spacious two-place side-by-side seating in an ergonomically designed 44-inch wide cabin. The cabin has been engineered to fit both large and tall pilots. The huge tinted bubble canopy (plexiglass), which provides outstanding 360 degree visibility, is now hinged in the front and allows easy access from either side of the aircraft. Access to the cabin is easy over the 20-inch wide wing walkway on both sides of the cockpit, and is facilitated by a ‘step’ located below the trailing edge of the wing.


   "The visibility under that big bubble canopy is outstanding..."  

- SportPlane Resource Guide (Second Edition)


Custom instrument panel / interior:

Custom Instrument Panel Custom Seating Custom Seats
"...you might think you're looking at the interior of a racy sports car, but it's actually the interior of the sport ZODIAC XL... nice appeal to folks who want an airplane that looks and feels a bit more modern."

EAA Experimenter magazine

The ZODIAC XL is a kit aircraft you won't easily outgrow
...in more ways than one.

Comfortable Side-by-Side Seating - shown with Dual Control Sticks Option   Zodiac cabin: Large Instrument Panel

"The semi-bubble canopy hinges at the front and opens to reveal a wide comfortable office.  Elbow-to-elbow, the 601 XL measures 44-inches, so it's plenty big for two folks, actually as broad as a Cessna 206."

Plane & Pilot magazine Pilot Report, March 2008

The ZODIAC's cabin is ergonomically designed for comfortable side-by-side seating... even for larger pilots.  The ZODIAC's seating arrangement provides "Lazy-Boy" comfort, even on long cross-country flights.   The cabin has been designed to fit both large and tall pilots (up to 6'6" in some cases).

 ZODIAC XL cabin dimensions
The above drawing is not to exact scale.   Dimensions are approximate.  

The large main baggage area is located directly behind the seats for easy access.  Optional wing baggage lockers provide additional storage space inside the wing.
The ZODIAC wings can be easily removed for easy trailering or storage.

Wing baggage locker Wing baggage locker
Located inside the wing (behind the spar), the optional Wing Baggage Locker increases baggage space with dual wing baggage lockers.  Each locker measures approx. 19" (48 cm.) x 16" (40.5 cm.) x 9" (23 cm.) tall.

The rudder pedal position and canopy height are adjustable during construction.  Seat upholstery will vary the seating dimensions.  A custom upholstery kit is now available.

Custom instrument panel / interior with the dual control sticks option:
Custom interior and panel: Zodiac XL Custom interior and panel: Zodiac XL ZODIAC XL

The Zodiac XL cabin is an ideal flight training environment.

The ZODIAC Cabin

"The numbers don't relate perfectly to the sensation of speed. It might have been the open bubble canopy, which insures massive visibility, but also imparts a sense of motion. The canopy had good optical qualities, seeming distortion free to my eyes.
"During steep turns it was simple to visually keep the maneuvering area free of other traffic. In straight and level flight, my view of the world was enormous in every direction..."

General Aviation News

Email Message to Zenith Aircraft:
  "Just a quick note to let u know that I am 6'4" and weigh over 250 and I fit into the Super ZODIAC nicely. I encountered lots of headroom with the bubble canopy and was very surprised with the room." - TW

The roomy ZODIAC cabin is equipped with a large instrument panel and dual controls accessible from both the left and right seats. The center-mounted control column (stick) can easily be used from either side, and does not limit visibility of the instrument panel. Dual throttle controls are mounted on both sides of the panel for easy access. A Dual Control Sticks Option is also available. The dual rudder pedals also steer the nose-wheel (tricycle gear configuration), and are equipped with standard hydraulic toe-brakes on the pilot’s side.  There is plenty of room behind the instrument panel (20") to accommodate full custom instruments and avionics. Following is a sample panel with gyro instruments and a GPS/Comm and transponder installed.

ZODIAC XL S-LSA custom panel, dual control sticks.
A clean and simple, yet very complete, custom glass panel.

Panel Details | Sample Panel Photos | Sample Instrument Panel Layouts

Schematic of the fuselage / cabin / baggage area construction:

[Click image for full-size view]

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