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Drawings & Manuals
The detailed Drawings and Manuals guide the builder through the entire kit building process. The drawings and manuals supplied with each kit are not just assembly instructions (as with most kits on the market) but are detailed blueprints of each individual part and component that make up the complete aircraft. 

Zenith CH 650

Zodiac Builder Quote:

I am a graduate engineer and have spent my career in Manufacturing Engineering and Quality Assurance for over 30 years.
Your ZODIAC XL Drawing Set is the best and clearest I have ever seen.

ZODIAC XL - Sample CAD Drawing

The Drawings (or plans) are 11" x 17" blueprints of the entire airframe assembly, and come with an assembly manual and step-by-step Photo Assembly Guides. Supplied with a serial number, you can actually build your own aircraft from "scratch" following the drawings and manuals.  If purchased separately, the cost of the drawings and manuals is deductible off the cost of the full kit.

ZODIAC XL Photo Assembly Guides on CD-ROM The CH 650 Drawings & Manuals package includes a CD-ROM with high-resolution Photo Assembly Guides for the step-by-step assembly of the kit.

The detailed CH 650 Drawings include the drawings for the basic kit options, such as aileron trim tab, installation for the landing and nav/strobe lights, wing lockers, auxiliary fuel tanks, etc. Also included are basic engine mount drawings for the Rotax 912, Jabiru 3300, Continental O-200 and Lycoming O-235 engines.

Zenith CH 650 - General Assembly Schematic

"Zenith is one of the few kit makers that still offers a plans-only option; the company supplies complete kits...
  but it will also sell sub-kits, individual parts, or just the plans and builder's manual."
- KITPLANES magazine: "The Scratch-Building Alternative" July 2008

The drawings for the Dual Control Sticks Option and the Tail-Wheel Gear Configuration are available separately for $45.00 each.

Following are selected sample CAD drawings from the drawings.

Sample Drawings:  Adobe pdf documents:
      Fuselage Sides: 6-B-3                 Canopy Hinge: 6-C-1
Rudder Pedals: 6-B-9          Nosewheel Strut: 6-G-1
Fuselage Bulkheads: 6-B-12 Wing Spar Attach: 6-W-4
Cabin Details: 6-B-18 Wing Aileron Control: 6-W-10
Control Cables: 6-B-23        Wing Fuel Tanks: 6-W-13
Rudder 1: 6-T-4        Rudder 2: 6-T-5
Sample DrawingsAutodesk Express dwf CAD format:
   Basic 3-views: 6-X-1                Wings: 6-W-0
Fuel System: 6-K-1 Fuselage: 6-B-0
Controls: 6-B-23 Tail: 6-T-O
Elevator Trim 6-T-6 (more drawings)
Sample Drawings:  Image (gif) files
   Fuselage Bulkheads: 6-B-12                 Rear Wing Ribs: 6-W-5


These are sample drawings and are for informational and educational purposes only. 

Some Sample Photo Assembly Guides (these are low resolution files for quicker downloads).  The ZODIAC XL Drawings & Manuals package includes a CD-ROM with high-resolution Photo Assembly Guides for assembly of the ZODIAC XL kit.
   6-T-4 Tail Assembly: Rudder Spar & Ribs (internal section)   Rudder Starter Kit
   6-T-5 Tail Assembly: Rudder Trailing Edge & Leading Edge Skins   Rudder Starter Kit
   6-T-1 Tail Assembly: Stabilizer Spar & Doublers
CONSTRUCTION and ASSEMBLY PHOTOS - Click here for the photos.

  • Click here for information on purchasing the ZODIAC CH 650 Drawings and Manuals.
  • Click here for ZODIAC CH 601 HD Drawings and Manuals.
  • Start building the CH 650 for just $375 with the introductory Starter Kit (complete rudder tail kit).  Click here for details.

Building Videos from HomeBuiltHELP.com
Produced by an actual builder, the DVDs provide practical hands-on information:  Complete Zenith kit project series
Metalworking 101 | Weight & Balance101 | Scratch-Building Basics | Rotax 912 Installation | Jabiru Engine Installation | Electrical Wiring101 | How to License your Homebuilt | ...more.


Grass-Field Operation

"[Chris Heintz] designs have earned an excellent reputation among pilots, builders, and aviation authorities for their durable all-metal construction, normal flight characteristics, reliability, and low maintenance."
     - EAA Sport Aviation magazine

Zodiac CH 650  

CH 601/650 Updates 

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