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JABIRU 3300 Engine

Jabiru 3300 - six cylinder air-cooled

The Jabiru 3300 is a six-cylinder direct-drive air-cooled aircraft engine from Jabiru Aircraft Pty. Ltd. (Australia).

  • Four Stroke, 3300cc (200 cubic inches)
  • 6 Cylinder Horizontally Opposed
  • Weight: 180 lbs. (81 kg.) incl. Exhaust, Carburetor, Starter Motor, Alternator & Ignition System & Accessory pack.
  • Machined Aluminum Alloy Crankcase
  • Overhead Valves (OHV) - Push Rod Operated
  • Wet Sump Lubrication
  • Direct Propeller Drive (no reduction unit)
  • Dual Transistorized Magneto Ignition
  • Alternator - 20 Amp
  • Electric Starter
  • Mechanical Fuel Pump
  • Naturally Aspirated - One Pressure Compensating Carburetor

Predicted Performance Points:

  • 120 hp @ 3300 rpm
  • 110 hp @ 3000 rpm
  • 100 hp @ 2750 rpm
  • 93 hp @ 2551 rpm
  • 90 hp @ 2475 rpm
  • 80 hp @ 2200 rpm

Jabiru 3300 Performance

(c) Jabiru Jabiru 3300 - Top
Jabiru 3300 - Front Jabiru 3300 - side


Jabiru 3300 on the STOL CH 750:
Jabiru Installation on the STOL CH 750
Jabiru 3300 on the Zodiac CH601XL-B:
3300-top.jpg (83312 bytes) 3300-top1.jpg (71409 bytes)
jab3300-b.jpg (55546 bytes) Jabiru 3300

Specifications: Jabiru 3300 A

Displacement: 3300 cc. (200 cu.in.)
Bore: 97.5 mm.
Stroke: 74 mm.
Compression: 8.3 : 1
Prop Rotation: Clockwise
Firing Order: 1 - 4 - 5 - 2 - 3 - 6
Power Rating: 100 hp @ 2750 rpm (see above)
Fuel Consumption @ 75%: 5.0 US Gal/Hour (gph)
Fuel: 100/130 Avgas or 92+ octane Mogas
Oil: Aeroshell W100 (or equivalent)
Oil Capacity: 3.5 qts. (3.75 l.)
Spark: NGK D9EA (common automotive)

Some engine highlights:

  • Engine TBO: The engine has a published TBO of 2,000 hours.

  • The case & internal parts are machined from solid steel bar or aluminum billet. The oil sump is only cast part.

  • Ignition: Dual separate magnetos with redundant distributors & plugs. No points! No battery power required for operation. Spark plugs are NGK and commonly available.

  • All engines include: Starter, Exhaust System, Alternator, Regulator, Starter Solenoid, Cooling Ducts, Prop Guides, Oil Cooler Kit, Engine mount Bushings and mounting hardware.

  • Warranty: One year from delivery. Delayed warranty start available on request .

The complete firewall-forward packages, developed and supported by Jabiru USA, include everything you need to install the engine in your aircraft.  The complete firewall-forward package is available directly through Zenith Aircraft Company, and can be shipped with the airframe kit or at a later date.

Jabiru 3300 engine installation Jabiru 3300 engine installation
Jabiru 3300 engine installation

For more information about the Jabiru 3300 engine:

Jabiru Engine Installation Seminar on DVD Jabiru Engine Installation Seminar on DVD
This video was filmed on location at a hands-on workshop style seminar provided by the technicians at JabiruUSA. The purpose of the seminar was to train those aircraft builders that have purchased Jabiru engines how to properly install their firewall forward components.  The Zodiac CH 601 and STOL aircraft were used as the classroom demonstration examples for the engine installation.
Presented by HomebuiltHELP.com, this affordable DVD video is nearly 2.5 hours in length and is divided into various video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy.  Click here for more info and to order a copy.
  • Contact Zenith Aircraft Company directly for pricing and availability information.  The complete firewall forward package is available from Zenith Aircraft Co. for the Jabiru 3300 engine installation in the STOL CH 750.  Since the Jabiru engine is imported from Australia prices fluctuate on a regular basis due to currency exchange.

  • Jabiru factory (Australia)
  • USA Distribution and Support:

    • Jabiru USA (Shelbyville, TN)
      Contact Pete Krotje, JabiruUSA: 1-800-JABIRU1

    • Jabiru Pacific (Fresno, Calif.)
      Contact Jim McCormick, (559) 431 1701

NOTE: All above information is subject to change and revision without prior notice. Source: JABIRU.
The above resources are provided for informational purposes only.

The above resources are provided for informational purposes only. Alternative engines will affect performance, specifications and flight characteristics of the aircraft. Also, the weight and balance of the aircraft may be adversely affected by alternative engines, and the original fuel system may not be adequate or suitable for some engines. Most alternative engines will require a custom engine mount and engine cowl. Zenith Aircraft Company does not manufacture or directly support engines installed in kit aircraft.


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