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Zodiac CH 601 Kit Construction
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ZODIAC tail assembly

All ZODIAC models share the same tail (empennage) sections, and this is the section most builders begin construction with:
It doesn't take up a lot of space to build, and it is inexpensive to purchase, at about $1,200.00.

RUDDER (Vertical) TAIL

Many builders start on the rudder (vertical) tail section - this is one of the smallest sections on the aircraft, yet is very representative of building any other section of the ZODIAC.  The rudder tail section can be purchased as an Introductory Starter Kit, or you can build your own rudder at a Zenith Aircraft Company factory workshop.

Basic kit assembly tools The rudder (vertical tail) kit parts
Required tools and the rudder tail kit.

The rudder tail section is like a diminutive wing - it is made up of a center spar, with structural nose and rear ribs attached to the spar, and then covered by rear and front sheet-metal skins.  In the kit, all the parts are supplied ready for assembly.

Following the step-by-step assembly manual, spar stiffeners and the internal sheet-metal ribs are positioned, drilled and riveted to the rudder spar.  Once the internal rudder assembly is built, the rear skin is positioned over and drilled into the internal assembly.  The rear skin is a single pre-formed piece.

The internal rudder assembly Rudder assembly - ready for final riveting

The pre-formed nose skin is then wrapped around the leading edge ribs of the rudder assembly, and drilled and riveted into place.

      Riveting the nose skin to the rudder assembly.


The horizontal stabilizer tail section is built up of two spars and eight internal ribs, with reinforcement doublers on the spar for the spar attachment brackets.

Building the ZODIAC tail sections Building the ZODIAC tail sections
Building the ZODIAC stabilizer

The internal assembly is then covered with the pre-formed sheet-metal skin.  The skin is wrapped tightly around the internal assembly, and drilled and riveted into place.

Stabilizer assembly

The elevator assembly is built from a single pre-formed skin with six internal ribs. A continuous "piano" hinge is inserted into the elevator skin closure and is riveted in place. An elevator electric trim tab is standard equipment, with the light tab motor mounted in the elevator. 

Finishing the horizontal tail assembly

The attachment brackets are then added to the stabilizer, and the elevator control horn is riveted to the elevator. The stabilizer is then trimmed to provide clearance for the rudder assembly.

Rounded fiberglass tips finish off the assembly, riveted to each end of the stabilizer assembly.

horiz tail assembly1.jpg (16501 bytes)

The completed tail sections

Tail Assembly Overview
Building the ZODIAC tail

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"I've just completed the rudder, horizontal stabilizer and elevator kit. Easy, easy, easy. Now I just need to get money for the next kit..."
     - GS, Puerto Rico


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