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ZODIAC XL Quick Build Kit

The ZODIAC XL Quick-Build Kit provides maximum pre-assembly of kit parts to save the builder valuable time and to simplify assembly.
Nearly all major components have been pre-aligned with rivet holes pre-drilled: The fuselage and tail sections are riveted together, and the wings are mainly assembled.
Quick Build Kit Quick Build Kit

The ZODIAC XL kit, whether the standard or fast build kit, is made up of the same quality parts. The difference between a standard and quick-build kit is the level of assembly of the various kit components.  Assembly time with a Quick-Build Kit is 50% less than with the Standard kit!

Quick Build Kit Wing Assembly Custom Leather Seats
As reported in EAA Sport Pilot & Light-Sport Aircraft magazine (September 2005 issue), "the new quick-build kit will meet the 51-percent rule for the experimental amateur-built aircraft category."

"...the quality of the parts and building appears to be excellent.
The rivet lines and spacing are very uniform."
- Quick-Build Kit builder Allen Ricks (Oregon)

Quick Build Kit, shown with disassembled wings

Producing the Quick-Build Kit: Photos
CNC Router for Parts Production:
CNC router
Rotating Aileron Construction Jig:
Rotating Aileron Construction Table
Rear Fuselage Assembly:
Quick-Build Kit

The Quick Build Kit (shown below with disassembled wings):
Quick Build Kit: Notice the pre-drilled wing ribs and assembled fuselage
Fuselage Production Jig:
Quick-Build Kit
 Rotating Wing Construction Table:
Rotating Wing Construction Table
Horizontal Tail Assemblies:
Horizontal Tail Assemblies
ZODIAC XL Quick Build Kit
ZODIAC XL Quick Build Kit

KITPLANES Magazine Builds a Quick Build Kit

Kitplanes magazine writer Rick Lindstrom took tool in hand to create a dream machine, as he reported in a six part series in Kitplanes magazine.  They conclude: "Zenith's fast-build kit greatly exceeded our expectations for completeness and component quality."

Kitplane magazine's Rick Lindstrom seated in his Zodiac XL

Zodiac XL kit builder Steve Weston of Arizona:
"I'm moving at a much faster pace than expected. Thanks to a very complete and well thought out kit.
Compliments to all at Zenith. I've looked a many kits and the 601XL Quick Build Kit is the best."
Zodiac XL kit builder Steve Weston

ZODIAC XL - General Assembly Schematic


ZODIAC XL Quick Build Kit (shown here with wings disassembled )

Zenith kits are eligible for licensing in the Amateur Built Experimental category. This means that at least 51% of the work remains for the kit builder to perform, whether building from the standard kit or the quick-build kit.

The Zodiac XL kit aircraft design meets the definition of the FAA’s Sport Pilot rule, meaning that it can be operated by a licensed Sport Pilot even when registered as a standard “Amateur-Built – Experimental” kit aircraft.  Registered under the standard “Amateur-Built – Experimental” category, owners may choose from a wide variety of engine types and custom configurations for their ZODIAC XL kit.  Popular supported engine choices include the Jabiru 3300, Rotax 912S, Corvair auto conversions, or conventional aircraft engines such as the Continental O-200 or Lycoming O-235.

Prices are in US funds, subject to change without prior notice. F.O.B. Factory or other specified location. 
Equipment, availability and level of pre-assembly subject to change without prior notice.  
*Subject to meeting actual FAA "Sport Pilot" rules as constructed by the builder. 

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