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Sun'n Fun Fly-In

Click here for photos from the 2007 fly-in

Sun'n Fun 2000

Come visit Zenith Aircraft at the annual EAA Sun'n Fun fly-in convention.

Photos from past years at Sun'n Fun:  Click here for more photos
Sun'n Fun 2005 Designer Chris Heintz at the builders' BBQ
Flying a 701 at Sun'n Fun Flying a STOL CH 701 at Sun'n Fun
xl-osh2004c.jpg (50227 bytes) Corvair engine powered ZODIAC XL at the Zenith booth (Sun'n Fun fly-in 2005)
On the Sun'n Fun flightline
STOL CH 701 at Sun'n Fun Flying a STOL CH 701 at Sun'n Fun
snf04b.jpg (59309 bytes) Zenair 701 at the Sun'n Fun
ch-forum.jpg (19863 bytes) Designer Chris Heintz "Forums" at Sun'n Fun (2007)
Sun'n Fun 2005 BBQ Builders BBQ at Sun'n Fun
snf2000b.jpg (34436 bytes) A STOL CH 801 leading-edge slat and wing assembly was on display (2002)

Zenith Aircraft Company was presented with a Sun'n Fun plaque in 1999 "in appreciation of 25 years support" to the EAA Sun'n Fun fly-in convention.

Visit the official sun-n-fun.org web site for complete details about attending this major aviation event.


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