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Aircraft kits and parts offered by Zenith Aircraft Company are custom-made items and are not standard stock items.  As such, orders are fulfilled on a per-order basis.  Order lead times are common, typically 4 to 8 weeks. (Most small individual kit parts are available for immediate delivery).

To place your order with Zenith Aircraft Company, complete an order form and return it to us with your order deposit.  

For kit orders, a 50% deposit is required with the order. For orders totaling less than $1,000.00, send full payment with the order. When we receive your order, a Zenith Aircraft representative will then contact you to provide you with a scheduled shipping date, and to arrange shipping or pick-up details. The balance for the order will be due prior to shipping or upon pick-up.

Conditions of Sale and Warning Notice:  Orders for of kits, parts and/or blueprints are subject to the terms of the Conditions of Sale and Warning Notice. Do not place your order if you do not accept the terms and conditions.  To be accepted, your order must accompany the signed and accepted Conditions of Sale and Warning Notice.  Click here to download Conditions of Sale and Warning Notice

Kit orders can be either crated and shipped to you, or picked up at the factory.


Completing the ORDER FORM:

  • INFORMATION ABOUT YOU: Clearly print or type your name, mailing address and telephone numbers. If the shipping address is different than the mailing address, make sure to include both addresses.

  • YOUR ORDER: Clearly itemize the kit, options and items of your order, with current pricing information.
  • DETAILS: Specify any special shipping or pick-up information we need to know.

  • PAYMENT: Enclose 50% deposit. Make check payable to Zenith Aircraft Company. Contact us for details on bank wire transfers or other forms of payment.

  • CONDITIONS of SALE and WARNING NOTICE: Sign and validate the Conditions of Sale and Warning notice.  

  • Send us the Order Form and the signed Conditions of Sale and Warning Notice, with payment.  Keep copies for your records.

Online Orders: You may use our Online Store to create detailed and personalized price quotes and submit the order to us in a secure environment.  If ordering online, we will require an original signed Conditions of Sale and Warning Notice form from you.  You will need to mail or fax this form to us prior to shipping.

When we receive your order, we will contact you to confirm receipt of your order, provide you with a scheduled delivery date, and make any required shipping / pick-up arrangements, as well as final payment arrangements.

FACTORY PICK-UPS: Save on crating and shipping charges: When picking up a complete or component kit at the factory, the kit is not crated so that the aircraft parts can be efficiently loaded and packed on the vehicle (pick-up, van, or enclosed trailer). We recommend you bring moving blankets, corrugated cardboard, and tarps to protect the parts as you load them. Loading the kit will be your responsibility, although factory staff will be happy to lend you a hand in loading the kit. Contact Zenith Aircraft Company for more details on customer pick-ups at the factory. If picking up an order make sure that your vehicle and/or trailer is large enough and suitable for the kit.


Contact Zenith Aircraft Company if you have any questions regarding placing your order, shipping, or other information:

  • Telephone: 573-581-9000
    Office Hours: Monday - Friday; 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time.
  • FAX: (573) 581-0011
  • Email: orders@zenithair.com

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