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Following are some links to Zenith Aircraft builder web sites.  Many of these sites provide excellent details and resources on building a Zenith Aircraft kit. There are virtually hundreds of builder and owner websites from around the world, but due to the ever-changing nature of the internet and web links, we no longer try to maintain this listing up-to-date. Please let us know of broken links. Zenith Aircraft is not responsible for any of the content from these web pages. 

ZODIAC CH 601 Series (Alphabetical list by first name...) 

STOL CH 701 and 801 (Alphabetical list by first name...)

  • More CH 701/801 Builders:
    You can search our database of over 1,200 self-registered builders for a project near you: 
    STOL Builder Search
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Zodiac CH 640

Flying Schools and Clubs Using Zenith Kit Aircraft…

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Flying Adventures

See "Zenith Aircraft at Work and Play Around the World" for many more flying and building adventures


Do you know of any interesting stories or links about Zenair designs around the world or in your backyard? Please let us know.

NOTE: The information from these links represent the viewpoints of their respective author, and not necessarily those of Zenith Aircraft Company.

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